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Recent Trips

Adriano Adriano Marumbi - Rochedinho 2010-11-14 6 km3.7 mi 2h:14m 5 photos

DSC03914.jpg DSC03913.jpg DSC03912.jpg DSC03911.jpg Map

We left Curitiba to do the Salto dos Macacos, but we arrived too late and it was not possible. The IAP park ranger told us that you must be at the beginning of the trail by 9am, if you arrive later than that you can't do it, as it requires around five hours to do the round trip. So we had no choice but do something easy, Rochedinho.

This is a really peanut butter easy lazy walk.

Manuel Menezes de Sequeira Manuel Menezes de Sequeira A bicycle tour of Viana do Castelo 2010-10-24 16.1 km10 mi 5h:42m 52 photos

DSC07837.JPG DSC07831.JPG DSC07828.JPG DSC07819.JPG Map

A nice bicycle tour with the family. From Monte de Santa Luzia to Viana do Castelo and back. Down hill cycling, up hill using the Santa Luzia elevator. A nice lunch at Restaurante Casa d'Armas. Lots of interesting monuments visited.

If you want to visit the Igreja da Misericórdia, go there before the Sunday mass, which starts at 12:00.

Manuel Menezes de Sequeira Manuel Menezes de Sequeira From Moledo to Caminha and back 2010-10-23 12.5 km7.7 mi 3h:40m 93 photos

DSC07388.JPG DSC07385.JPG DSC07382.JPG DSC07379.JPG Map

A relaxed bike ride from Modelo to Caminha, through the Mata do Camarido, and then back. Caminha is a small town with a beautiful city center. The Rua Direita has a good number of 16th century houses. The Igreja Matriz is a very interesting monument.

Manuel Menezes de Sequeira Manuel Menezes de Sequeira Walking around Viana do Castelo 2010-10-22 2.7 km1.7 mi 0h:33m 68 photos

DSC07087.JPG DSC07084.JPG DSC07081.JPG DSC07077.JPG Map

Realizing the CAPSI 2010 conference had no schedule for Friday afternoon, I decided to go for a walk around town. Viana do Castelo is a small but very nice town. Beautiful streets with old manor houses, nice monuments and historical building, and a modern, stylish commerce (see Boca do Lobo, for instance). Very worthwhile.

Lunching or dinning? Try Casa de Pasto Maria de Perre.

Ondrej Kucera Ondrej Kucera Okolo Vranovske prehrady 2010-10-02 37.7 km23.4 mi 6h:07m 10 photos

IMG_2084.JPG IMG_2083.JPG IMG_2082.JPG IMG_2075.JPG Map

První říjnový víkend jsem s kamarády uzavíral cyklistickou sezónu. Nocovali jsme na chalupě u Vranovské přehrady pod zříceninou hradu Cornštejn.První den jsme vyrazili na výlet okolo přehrady a vzali jsme to místama cestou necestou, která byla někdy hoodně dobrodružná.

Nick Dimmick Nick Dimmick Miami Erie Canal Trail St. Marys to 219 2010-09-20 7.2 km4.5 mi 2h:49m 13 photos

IMG_1906.jpg IMG_1904.jpg IMG_1887.JPG IMG_1331.JPG Map

This is a very easy, level walk along the old tow path for the Miami Erie Canal.  This section is part of the Miami Erie Canal trail, The Buckeye Trail, and the North Country Trail.

Adriano Adriano Morro de São Jerônimo 2010-09-05 17 km10.5 mi 6h:54m 14 photos

IMG_6805.JPG IMG_6803.JPG IMG_6795.jpg Leopard footprint Map

This was a day-hike to the Morro de São Jerônimo. It was a fairly easy walk and we had nice views of the Chapada dos Guimarães. This track begins following an obvious trail but after we came down from the Morro São de Jerônimo we went completely of trail on our way back.It was fun to walk in a completely open field and use the GPS to track the way back.

Dennis Sheen Dennis Sheen Lake Superior Provincial Park Coastal Trail 2010-09-04 49.8 km30.9 mi 1 day 1h:19m 53 photos

DSC06466.JPG DSC06463.JPG DSC06461.JPG DSC06460.JPG Map

Journal of Lake Superior Provincial Park Coastal Trail
(Katherine Cove to
Gargantua Harbour)


The Trail:

Overall the Coastal Trail in LSPP is quite a unique
experience.  You will spend more time
moving from rock to rock than is comfortable for most people and if it is wet,
there are sections of the trail that will go from a nice perch to a dangerous
slide in no time at all.

Adriano Adriano Aroe Jari Cave 2010-09-04 8.2 km5.1 mi 4h:29m 18 photos

IMG_6732.JPG IMG_6731.JPG IMG_6728.JPG IMG_6724.JPG Map

This was a half-day hike in the Chapada dos Guimarães to visit the Aroe Jari Cave.

At the beginning of the trail there is a little hut where you can have lunch. They make very good food and it is highly recommended to do this trail in the morning to finish your walk with their food. The price is R$15 reals per person, all you can eat. It is farm style local food served as a buffet.

Ondrej Kucera Ondrej Kucera Cestou necestou za keskama 2010-08-22 42.6 km26.5 mi 6h:59m 11 photos

IMG_1765.JPG IMG_1762.JPG IMG_1759.JPG IMG_1757.JPG Map

Třetí a poslední den jsme naplánovali výlet k zámku ve Chválkovicích a takový vedlejší efekt bylo posbírat co nejvíce kešek v okolí. Celkem jsme jich našli devět.Vyrazili jsme do Slatiny nad Úpou, kde je pěkná zvonice, do Hořiček kolem Barunčiny vyhlídky a Hořičkama jsme zajeli k majáku v poli. Ten slouží jako vodojem, aby zásoboval okolní vesničky vodou.