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Recent Trips

Jeremy Dye Jeremy Dye Zebra Slot Canyon 2011-06-17 3.6 km2.2 mi 1h:07m 29 photos

Wildflower: Scarlet Gilia Wildflower: Pale Evening Primrose Wild Sunflower Blooming Pricklypear Map

Overview: Zebra Slot Canyon is a very fun, family-friendly (we brought our 10-month-old) hike in south-central Utah. It's less popular than Peek-a-Boo Canyon or Spooky Canyon, which means you don't have to deal with as many crowds. The hike is not as scenic as some, but it's still very pretty and very much worth the hike.

Maddie Hatt Maddie Hatt Mt. Mitchell Trail - NC 2011-06-12 9.1 km5.7 mi 3h:21m 19 photos

IMG_1899.JPG IMG_1896.JPG IMG_1894.JPG IMG_1888.JPG Map

This track is the descent portion of a hike on the Mt. Mitchell trail....forgot to turn on GPS tracking for the ascent.  We started at Black Mountain Campground and hiked the Mt. Mitchell Trail to the summit.  On the return, we hiked the Mt. Mitchell trail until it intersected with the Higgans Bald trail which we followed until it looped back around to the lower portion of the Mt.

coucoupouet coucoupouet Max Patch to Roaring Fork, Appalachian Trail 2011-06-11 12.1 km7.5 mi 4h:07m 13 photos

Roaring Fork Shelter Wild daisy? Birdhouse at Max Patch Flame azalea on Max Patch Loop Map

Day hike along the Appalachian Trail, starting at the Max Patch Trailhead and continuing to Roaring Fork, then returning. Hike writeup to come at Two-Heel Drive.

Max Patch is the highest point for miles around -- making it very dangerous to be there in a lightning storm. Take the side trails and skip the summit if the weather looks stormy.

Martyn Dews Martyn Dews Staveley 2011-06-07 11.3 km7 mi 0h:41m 9 photos

Three quarters of Team Hotpot Map

A multi-cache series around Staveley, in the Lake District.  One of the best that we have done.  The link for the actual geocache is here.

Free parking in the brewery car park in the middle of Staveley.  Wilf's Cafe is high recommended too.

Adriano Adriano Travessia Vigia Canal 2011-06-04 4 km2.5 mi 4h:51m 8 photos

2011-06-04_11-21-48_196.jpg 2011-06-04_10-29-44_655.jpg 2011-06-04_10-28-37_283.jpg 2011-06-04_09-54-21_487.jpg Map

One hour is enough  to reach the peak of Morro do Canal. This part is pretty obvious and the trail is well marked. After that, to get to Morro do Vigia is not obvious at all and you can easily get lost. Go with a GPS or take a guide or take someone that has done this trail before.

Dennis Sheen Dennis Sheen High Dump, Bruce Peninsula 2011-05-21 52.6 km32.7 mi 9h:01m 15 photos

DSC07320.JPG DSC07360.JPG DSC07311.JPG DSC07309.JPG Map

A quick weekend trip since I had the time, but it was cut short due to bad weather that I didn't feel like sitting out without a fire.  Nice area and the camping was bug free, but without a fire to keep me a little warmer and a lot less damp, I went home early.

If you can't come straight through the trail then I would recommend coming in from the Halfway Dump Access Point.

coucoupouet coucoupouet High Points Loop at Hanging Rock State Park 2011-05-15 13.2 km8.2 mi 4h:42m 12 photos

Mountain laurel in bunches Rhododendron in full bloom Raindrops on a leaf Rhododendron after petals have fallen Map

This is a pretty cool loop, starting near the Hanging Rock lake and heading up to Moore's Knob, then going down and heading back up to the parallel ridge and finally capping it off with a jaunt to Hanging Rock and returning where I started from. (Funny how loops work that way).Trip writeup at Two-Heel Drive.

Jeremy Dye Jeremy Dye Lower Calf Creek Falls 2011-05-14 9.1 km5.6 mi 4h:39m 53 photos


Calf Creek Falls is one of the most well known and unique features in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. The trail follows Calf Creek to the 126' high falls. The hike is 6 miles round trip and takes average hikers 3-4 hours. Elevation change on the trail is minimal, but the trail is sandy and walking can be strenuous, especially in hot weather.

Jeremy Dye Jeremy Dye Canyon of Life 2011-05-13 0.2 km0.1 mi 0h:08m 6 photos


For pictures and description of this trail, see http://dyeclan.com/outdooractivities/hiking/canyonoflife.

I also have lots of other fun outdoor activities in and around Utah on my website: http://dyeclan.com/outdooractivities.
These include canoeing, canyoneering, caving, hiking, hot springs, rock
climbing, and fun places. The site's a work in progress, so check back

Maddie Hatt Maddie Hatt New Bern to Oyster Point 2011-05-10 61.4 km38.1 mi 14h:06m 38 photos

IMG_1574.JPG IMGP0090.JPG IMGP0086.JPG IMG_1568.JPG Map

This track represents two days of paddling from New Bern, NC to Oyster Point campground in the Croatan National Forest.  On the third day of paddling, the trip concluded at Harkers Island visitor center but the final leg of the GPS tracking is, unfortunately, not available.  A full trip report is available at the following link:http://zenkayaking.wordpress.