Madison Lakes

Date 2012-09-08
Distance 10.8 km6.7 mi
Duration 1h:30m
Photos 21

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I was due to work in Madison on Friday, so we decided to make it a weekend. By driving up Thursday night, we'd have Friday night and Saturday in Madison. Many people have told us Madison is a great place ... and it is. I am sure the winters are harsh, but the late summer is gorgeous. Until now, I had no idea it was surrounded by two lakes and you cannot diminish how impressive it is. Our bike ride allowed us to bounce between the lakes. Keep in mind, we didn't plan the route. We sort of found parking near a lake and started. lolThe city is so bike friendly ... there are areas to rent bikes, dedicated bike lanes and everyone has a bike. The ride itself was leisurely and enjoyable. Low 70s and no humidity made it easy and the wind off the lakes was refreshing. Great ride overall.