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Horsey Windpump & Seal Beach Circular 2012-08-23 8.6 km5.3 mi 2h:46m 38 photos

Barn Moorings Toilet Stop The Starting Point Map

This is a lovely circular starting at the NT Horsey Windpump and taking in the local Broads and the nearby beach.What's special about this beach is that it is inhabited by hundreds of seals which can be seen from the shore.The walk is easy going and completely flat. Parking is free for NT members and you can incorporate in a visit  to the windmill along with a cuppa in the cafe.

Staveley 2011-06-07 11.3 km7 mi 0h:41m 9 photos

Three quarters of Team Hotpot Map

A multi-cache series around Staveley, in the Lake District.  One of the best that we have done.  The link for the actual geocache is here.

Free parking in the brewery car park in the middle of Staveley.  Wilf's Cafe is high recommended too.

Glasson Dock Geocache Circular 2011-05-29 3.8 km2.4 mi 1h:23m


A pleasant mutli cache circular around Glasson Dock area.This is the link to the first cache of the series.

Light refreshments, liquid and solid are available at The Stork Inn just over the river.

Orrest Head 2011-04-10 3.8 km2.4 mi 1h:57m 16 photos

The view over Lake Windermere The view over Lake Windermere Across the stepping stones On the way up Map

A short walk from Windermere up to Orrest Head. This has spectacular views over Lake Windermere and the surrounding fells for relatively little effort.

Park in the town then have a cuppa and a cake at the end of the walk.

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