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La Roche Blanche 2014-03-02 5.5 km3.4 mi 3h:30m 11 photos

P1120811.JPG P1120787.JPG P1120770.JPG P1120768.JPG Map

Lac des Rousses 2014-03-01 7 km4.3 mi 3h:37m 2 photos

IMG_20140301_142054.jpg IMG_20140301_143445.jpg Map

Le Hohneck 2013-06-30 15.2 km9.5 mi 6h:51m 25 photos

P1100666.JPG P1100662.JPG P1100661.JPG P1100660.JPG Map

Excellent day hike with the folks from Club Vosgien MarmoutierMain features on the trail:  Lac de Fischboedle et du Schiessrothried – Le Hohneck.

Turckheim-Niedermorschwirh 2012-10-14 19.8 km12.3 mi 6h:43m 24 photos

Turckheim Turckheim Turckheim Turckheim Map

Chateau du Griffon, Grotte Saint-Vit et Fontaine Mélanie 2012-09-30 10.4 km6.5 mi 3h:45m 16 photos

Grotte Saint-Vit Chateau Griffon (Greifenstein) Chateau Griffon (Greifenstein) Etang de Ramsthal Map

Half day easy hike with plenty of nice stops for picnicking 

5 Chateaux Forts 2012-09-02 19.2 km11.9 mi 8h:08m 34 photos

P1060736.JPG P1060734.JPG P1060721.JPG Wegelnburg Map

Very nice full day hike. It goes through the following five chateaus:Château Wegelnburg Château Hohenbourg Château LoewensteinChâteau FleckensteinChâteau Froensbourg

The restaurant  La Buvette from the campsite at Etang de Lembach serves a very good tarte flambée and excellent cold bear to finish the day.

Wingen-sur-Moder 2012-08-09 18.7 km11.6 mi 6h:07m 9 photos

P1060273.JPG P1060270.JPG P1060269.JPG P1060268.JPG Map

Full day hike starting in Wingen-sur-Moder and passing by Reipertswiller and Wimmenau.

Le Château du Bilstein et Le Climont 2012-08-03 18.9 km11.7 mi 6h:25m 10 photos

P1060024.JPG P1060012.JPG P1060011.JPG P1060002.JPG Map

Day hike around the Château du Bilstein and the summit of Le Climont 965m. We did walk 19km in 6:30h including long pauses to eat and enjoy the views.

Everest 2012-03-10 244.8 km152.1 mi 5 days 2h:59m 167 photos

P1010930.JPG P1010922.JPG P1010915.JPG P1010911.JPG Map

We walked to the Everest Base Camp from Jiri.
Also, we went over the Cho La and Renjo La pass.
In total we walked for 24

Take your time to acclimatize to the high altitude, specially after Namche Bazaar.

Chepang Hills Trek 2012-03-02 27.9 km17.4 mi 15h:58m 19 photos

P1010495.JPG P1010482.JPG P1010481.JPG P1010472.JPG Map

We walked the Chepang Hills Trail in 4 easy days.There are no lodges on this trek, only homestays, which is actually one of the main reasons why you would want do walk this trail.Homestay will allow you to experience the real Nepali mountain life.  

We were with our guide Sappa who is a really nice guy. Here is his contact if you are interested in hiking/trekking in Nepal.

Tamang - Langtang - Gosainkunda - Helambu 2012-02-12 174.1 km108.2 mi 4 days 4h:03m 67 photos

P1000660.JPG P1000625.JPG P1000624.JPG P1000622.JPG Map

We walked the four treks: Tamang Heritage Trail, Langtang Valley, Gosainkunda and part of Helambu in 17 days. It was really beautiful and we recommend anyone interested to do at least one of these treks. You can see more details on my blog

We hired an awesome guide, Sappa Lama Gomso or sappayesnepal@gmail.

Quilotoa Lake - Chugchilán 2011-08-29 12.2 km7.6 mi 5h:18m 13 photos

IMG_0045.JPG IMG_0044.JPG IMG_0043.JPG IMG_0030-IMG_0039.jpg Map

We went from Chugchián to the lake by "Camioneta". We walked down to the lake from the border of the crater then back up. After that we followed the trail back to Chugchilán (Google maps call it Chucchilán, go figure). This is a very nice scenery area and it is not a difficult hike. Highly recommended.

The "camioneta" costs $25 per ride, not per person. You can arrange it with you hostel.

Itapiroca 2011-08-13 4.8 km3 mi 2h:38m 8 photos

Pico Parana and Paranagua Bay Pico Parana Fork Fork: Caratuva - Pico Parana Map

The trail starts from the Fazenda Pico Parana, where you will leave your car. There is a R$10 fee per person to enter the area. This trail is easy and it provides excellent views of Pico Parana.

Caratuva 2011-07-17 4.5 km2.8 mi 2h:52m 12 photos

IMG_7499.JPG Fork: Caratuva - Pico Parana Caratuva and Itapiroca Represa Capivari Map

The trail starts from the Fazenda Pico Parana, where you will leave your car. There is a R$10 fee per person to enter the area. This trail is easy and it provides excellent views of Pico Parana.

Monte Crista 2011-06-23 7.6 km4.7 mi 3h:51m 19 photos

2011-06-23_09-28-25_827.jpg 2011-06-23_17-14-53_556.jpg 2011-06-23_09-20-15_908.jpg 2011-06-23_17-14-33_133.jpg Map

The trail is pretty straight forward. The access is easy from BR101 Km 15. The reference is the "balança" (scale to weight the trucks) just after the town called Garuva. Then you drive to the end of the dirt road where you will find a place to park the car, which will cost you R$10 per car and R$3 per person to use the suspended bridge.

Travessia Vigia Canal 2011-06-04 4 km2.5 mi 4h:51m 8 photos

2011-06-04_11-21-48_196.jpg 2011-06-04_10-29-44_655.jpg 2011-06-04_10-28-37_283.jpg 2011-06-04_09-54-21_487.jpg Map

One hour is enough  to reach the peak of Morro do Canal. This part is pretty obvious and the trail is well marked. After that, to get to Morro do Vigia is not obvious at all and you can easily get lost. Go with a GPS or take a guide or take someone that has done this trail before.

Marche de Nuit 2011-01-19 7.8 km4.9 mi 2h:12m


Val-D'Isère Trails 2011-01-10 126.3 km78.5 mi 15h:46m


These are some of the Val D'Isère's ski resort trails. We were three snowboarders and one skier, so we did mostly green, blue and red trails.

Col de Saverne 2010-12-28 22.2 km13.8 mi 7h:05m 18 photos

IMG_7190.JPG IMG_7189.JPG IMG_7185.JPG IMG_7184.JPG Map

This was a full-day walk through the snow. It was quite an experience since the temperature was always between -4 and -1 and the whole way was covered in snow.

In a weather like this you cannot stop. Keep walking to keep heated.

Marumbi - Rochedinho 2010-11-14 6 km3.7 mi 2h:14m 5 photos

DSC03914.jpg DSC03913.jpg DSC03912.jpg DSC03911.jpg Map

We left Curitiba to do the Salto dos Macacos, but we arrived too late and it was not possible. The IAP park ranger told us that you must be at the beginning of the trail by 9am, if you arrive later than that you can't do it, as it requires around five hours to do the round trip. So we had no choice but do something easy, Rochedinho.

This is a really peanut butter easy lazy walk.

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Adriano Adriano
Trips 25
Photos 565
Total distance 953 km592 mi
Max distance 245 km152 mi
Avg distance 38 km24 mi
Total duration 17 days 22h:06m
Max duration 5 days 2h:59m
Avg duration 17h:12m

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