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Recent Trips

Bill Saviers Bill Saviers Hastings road conditions 2010-03-20 3.2 km2 mi 1h:16m 24 photos

Hastings-road-conditions_3.jpg Hastings-road-conditions_2.jpg Hastings-road-conditions_1.jpg Hastings-road-conditions_0.jpg Map

Logging trucks tore up Hastings road between Buffalo Calf and Long Run near Salem.  Also a drilling company has been working two years off of a County right of way (Hastings ) and not done any remedial environmental work at all.  WV DNR take note.

coucoupouet coucoupouet Grandfather Mountain, 4.6-mile moderate hike 2010-03-20 7.7 km4.8 mi 4h:46m 7 photos

Snow everywhere Cragway Trail Junction Daniel Boone  Scout Trail Register here Map

Attempted to hike from Boone Fork Trailhead (mile 299.9 on the Blue Ridge Parkway) to Callaway Peak at Grandfather Mountain in western North Carolina. Had to turn back about about 2 miles in because foot-deep snow was obscuring the trails.  Went up Daniel Boone Boy Scout Trail, which becomes snow-covered past the Flat Rock trail junction.

coucoupouet coucoupouet River Section, Pilot Mountain State Park 2010-03-14 12.6 km7.8 mi 4h:08m 13 photos

My kinda sign! Island in the Yadkin Above the Yadkin River Horne Creek Trail Map

The River Section of Pilot Mountain State Park is in a very remote section of countryside northwest of Winston-Salem (in contrast to Pilot Mountain's main section, which is right next door to U.S. Route 52).Trails are not super plentiful, but if you like taking walks along a lazy river, it's worth checking out.

If you see a fork in the tree IMG_1005.JPG Somebody's tree house Buds against blue sky Map

15-mile out-and-back hike along the Corridor Trial, which connects the main section of Pilot Mountain State Park and the lower section along the Yadkin River. Trip write-up at Two-Heel Drive.

Multiple stream crossings mean it's likely you'll get your feet wet. Good hike for exercise -- lots of up and down, hills are relatively short -- but not much in the way of scenery. Mostly tree tunnel.

Clear water on Section 3 Rustic looking trail sign Blazes include section numbers Tiny waterfall in Section 2 Map

Nicest sections of the Sauratown Trail I've seen so far (seven down, nine to go). These sections head west out of Hanging Rock State Park -- the terrain is far more rugged on this end compared to the western end at Pilot Mountain State Park.

Nick Dimmick Nick Dimmick Shiawassee State Game Hike 01-18-2010 2010-01-18 7.6 km4.7 mi 2h:21m 15 photos

Giant Beaver Lodge.jpg Shiawassee Wildlife Area 9.jpg Shiawassee Panoramic Small.jpg Bridge.jpg Map

Mike Kaza and I walked the dikes on a cloudy winter day.  We decided to cut back across the marsh, the Shiawassee River, and some flooded timber.  It turned out to be a difficult hike in parts because the marsh grass was supporting a thin layer of ice.  We broke through many times but managed to stay dry.

phantomjock phantomjock LAB2V Dual Sport Tour 2009-11-27 768.2 km477.4 mi 20h:27m 8 photos

P1010026.JPG P1010010.JPG P1010007.JPG P1010004.JPG Map

The LAB2V (Los Angeles to Barstow to Las Vegas) Dual Sport Tour is a
motorcycle event that began as an off-road race from Barstow to Vegas
in the '60s.  This year was the 26th annual event.  The ride is a
two-day event, starting this year in Palmdale, CA, overnighting in
Barstow, CA, and finishing in Las Vegas, NV.  There were over 350
participants, all riding street-legal dirt bikes.

Alex Woo Alex Woo Veterans Day YWalk 2009-11-11 4.2 km2.6 mi 1h:10m 5 photos

New Cemetery Overlook Ceremony New Cemetery Overlook Ceremony Y Walkers coming down the hill Y Walkers coming down the hill Map

Tried to walk through the Presidio National Cemetery on Veterans Day.   Normally one would expect music and speeches but there was apparently a ceremony at the new Cemetery Overlook.   Security was tight and we were kept away twice.   Once from within the cemetery and the second time when we approached through the woods.   The Overlook sits on the Bay Ridge Trail.Hike led by Bryan.

Alex Woo Alex Woo Presidio Walk 091014 2009-10-14 5.1 km3.2 mi 1h:19m 17 photos

091014_acw_PresidioWalk-4624.JPG 091014_acw_PresidioWalk-4620.JPG 091014_acw_PresidioWalk-4618.JPG 091014_acw_PresidioWalk-4612.JPG Map

For some reason the YWalk was canceled due to weather.   So I just went on my own.  It was a little overcast but never rained.   I decided to see the wet trees from the record storm the day before.   Unfortunately, the Eucalyptus Tree left wet bark, leaves and branches everywhere.

Dennis Sheen Dennis Sheen Algonquin Highland Backpacking Trail 2009-10-04 38.1 km23.7 mi 15h:35m 25 photos

More Trail Again More Trail The Trail Fresh and Ready to Go! Map

The first of what hopefully will become an annual trip for me and some friends.  This year we ended up in Algonquin Park to conquer the Highland Backpacking trail.  With the departure day approaching the weather wasn't looking good and so there were some last minute wet weather additions to the already large pack of goods that were coming on the trip.