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Arrow on the rock Forest green Cragway Trail Morning sky Map

Rugged hike to Calloway Peak, high point of Grandfather Mountain State Park.I went up the Nuwati Trail to the Cragway Trail and got on the Daniel Boone Boy Scout Trail at the Flat Rock Trail junction. Trip write-up at Two Heel Drive.

Weather is the main concern on Grandfather Mountain: Thunderstorms are common on summer afternoons, and the peak is fogged in many days of the year.

Sara Brooks Sara Brooks Centennial Village 2010-05-01 1.1 km0.7 mi 1h:13m 48 photos

Swedish Stuga Entrance Sign Entrance Centennial Village Sign Map

Today was opening day and a free day at Centennial Village. I decided to take advantage and do a different Virtual Field Trip to include on my Greeley History Website.

I was able to tour the inside of homes that I have not been able to see before. And the trolley (street car) has been refurbished.

Bring picnic lunches. No food or drink is allowed inside any of the buildings.

pks pks Indonesia 7a 2010-04-30 40.6 km25.3 mi 4h:28m 7 photos

DSC04784.JPG DSC04777.JPG DSC04767.JPG DSC04759.JPG Map

Cemoro Lawang - Penanjakan - Cemoro Lawang.

14 Day Indonesia Trip: 25 April( Kuta, Bali) - 8 May, 2010(Jakarta).Room Rent for 2 persons:4 nights at Poppies Lane II in Kuta, Bali 4 X Rp 82.0001 night at Banyuwangi, East Java Rp 45.0001 night at Probolinggo, East Java Rp 65.0001 night at Cemoro Lawang(Mount Bromo), East Java Rp 65.

pks pks Indonesia 2 2010-04-26 96.3 km59.9 mi 8h:36m 16 photos

DSC04132.JPG DSC04088.JPG DSC04106.JPG DSC04213.JPG Map

Kuta - Ubud - Tegalalang  - Ubud  - Kuta.

14 Day Indonesia Trip: 25 April( Kuta, Bali) - 8 May, 2010(Jakarta).

Room Rent for 2 persons:
4 nights at Poppies Lane II in Kuta, Bali 4 X Rp 82.000
1 night at Banyuwangi, East Java Rp 45.000
1 night at Probolinggo, East Java Rp 65.000
1 night at Cemoro Lawang(Mount Bromo), East Java Rp 65.

pks pks Indonesia 1 2010-04-25 139.7 km86.8 mi 10h:25m 17 photos

DSC03963.JPG DSC03959.JPG DSC03934.JPG DSC03930.JPG Map

First day of the Indonesia trip.  Kuta- Bedugul- Pura Ulun Danu - Tanah Lot- Kuta by motorbike.  Rent Rp 50.000 per day.

14 Day Indonesia Trip: 25 April( Kuta, Bali) - 8 May, 2010(Jakarta).Room Rent for 2 persons:4 nights at Poppies Lane II in Kuta, Bali 4 X Rp 82.0001 night at Banyuwangi, East Java Rp 45.0001 night at Probolinggo, East Java Rp 65.

Backpackers head up the AT Appalachain Trail Appalachian Trail sign Massie Gap Map

I hiked the Cabin Creek Trail, Twin Pinnacles Loop and a little bit of the Appalachian Trail at Grayson Highlands State Park in southwest Virginia. All told, it was 7.1 miles with well over 1,000 feet of elevation gain (my GPS unit says 1900 but it always vastly inflates elevation gain estimates). A great park to hike in the off-season. Trip write-up to at Two-Heel Drive.

coucoupouet coucoupouet Two hikes at Julian Price Memorial Park 2010-04-10 12.7 km7.9 mi 4h:02m 13 photos

Beaver activity nearby Buds of spring Trail System map Price Lake Map

This park along the Blue Ridge Parkway has a pair of nice trails -- a flat, easy 2.5-mile hike around Price Lake and a moderate 5-mile hike along the Boone Fork Trail on the north side of the Parkway. The parks are very popular with families but once you get beyond the popular gathering places, the hiking is very nice. Trip write-up at Two-Heel Drive.

Sara Brooks Sara Brooks Poudre River Trail 2010-03-21 6.1 km3.8 mi 1h:37m 10 photos

Seeds Another view of Sharkstooth I think this is Sharkstooth. Raptor sign Map

Took Snickers on the trail today. It was a beautiful day with a lot of sunshine.

Bring water. If you are walking a dog, it would be good to bring a portable water dish and water for them. There are porta-johns available.

Bill Saviers Bill Saviers Hastings road conditions 2010-03-20 3.2 km2 mi 1h:16m 24 photos

Hastings-road-conditions_3.jpg Hastings-road-conditions_2.jpg Hastings-road-conditions_1.jpg Hastings-road-conditions_0.jpg Map

Logging trucks tore up Hastings road between Buffalo Calf and Long Run near Salem.  Also a drilling company has been working two years off of a County right of way (Hastings ) and not done any remedial environmental work at all.  WV DNR take note.

coucoupouet coucoupouet Grandfather Mountain, 4.6-mile moderate hike 2010-03-20 7.7 km4.8 mi 4h:46m 7 photos

Snow everywhere Cragway Trail Junction Daniel Boone  Scout Trail Register here Map

Attempted to hike from Boone Fork Trailhead (mile 299.9 on the Blue Ridge Parkway) to Callaway Peak at Grandfather Mountain in western North Carolina. Had to turn back about about 2 miles in because foot-deep snow was obscuring the trails.  Went up Daniel Boone Boy Scout Trail, which becomes snow-covered past the Flat Rock trail junction.