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Ondrej Kucera Ondrej Kucera Stolova hora Ostas 2009-08-22 52.7 km32.7 mi 6h:56m 15 photos

IMG_5428.jpg IMG_5423.jpg IMG_5421.jpg IMG_5422.jpg Map

Třetí den jsme se vyrazili na stolovou horu Ostas s piskovcovitymi skalami. Nádherné místo. Předpověď počasí říkala, že mělo pršet přes noc, ale nespadla ani kapka a ráno to vypadalo, že bude pěkně, tak jsme vyrazili. Cesta tam nám docela uběhla.

Ondrej Kucera Ondrej Kucera Kacereni kolem Mstetina 2009-08-21 21.4 km13.3 mi 4h:56m 4 photos

IMG_5396.jpg IMG_5405.jpg IMG_5401.jpg IMG_5395.jpg Map

Druhý den byl trosku odpočinkovější, už jenom kvůli tomu, že bylo velký teplo a plánovali jsme se koupat. Takže jsme vyrazili lovit kešky v blízkém okolí. Začali jsme Boušínskou lávkou, přes Boušín a do Červené Hory.

Ondrej Kucera Ondrej Kucera Vyslap na Cernou horu 2009-08-20 33 km20.5 mi 4h:50m 16 photos

IMG_5356.jpg IMG_5354.jpg IMG_5353.jpg IMG_5350.jpg Map

Druhý ročník mstětínské chaty poskytl dalsí výlety do blízkého i neblízkého okolí. První den jsme si zvolili náročnou trasu. Ze Mstětína jsme se odvezli do Svobody nad Úpou a dali jsme si pěkný výšlap na Černou horu přes Jánské Lázně. Nahoře jsme zkoukli vysílač, kde jsme byli lehce ozářeni, což nám dodalo dalsích sil :-).

Peter Dunsby Peter Dunsby Muizenberg Peak 2009-08-08 5.7 km3.6 mi 2h:35m 12 photos


Hiking on this side of the mountain is always great in Spring. Loads of spring flowers and always a chance of spotting black eagles riding the thermals.

Alex Woo Alex Woo Low Tide Palo Alto Baylands 2009-08-05 9.2 km5.7 mi 0h:56m 18 photos

Exposed Bay Mud Exposed Bay Mud Exposed Bay Mud Digging out the Algae Map

The purpose of this bike trip was to test a new AMOD AGL3080 since my QSTARZ BT-Q1000P stopped working.   After passing under the Lefkowitz underpass under 101 and ran into tens of Russian nursing home residents walking on the pathway.   Apparently, it was walk time at the nearby Hillhouse and I had no idea that a retirement home had replaced the Stanford Intellectual Property licensing offices.

Alex Woo Alex Woo Castle Rock Loop 2009-07-28 8.2 km5.1 mi 2h:39m 134 photos

DSCN1518 DSCN1513 DSCN1495 DSCN1489 Map

Standard Castle Rock Loop but the GPS failed to log for about an hour.   It was hot, mid 80's, with less than a dozen people on the trails.   No campers at the Castle Rock Campgrounds but I could hear gun fire and semi-automatic weapons fire from the Los Gatos Shooting Range next to the campsite.

Alex Woo Alex Woo Downtown Palo Alto Walk 2009-07-24 4.5 km2.8 mi 1h:02m 42 photos

DSCN0952 DSCN0949 DSCN0943 DSCN0908 Map

This walk started at Waverley and University in Palo Alto but for some reason the beginning of the track is gone and then goes haywire in the parking structure on Alma.   In any case, this walk consisted in going up and down the streets in Palo Alto while waiting for someone at the Waverley Surgery Center.   The physician was late and then left before getting to the patient.

Alex Woo Alex Woo Marin 090722 Hike 2009-07-22 13.1 km8.1 mi 3h:05m 30 photos

DSCN0641 Top of the Dip Sea Trail Angel Island and SF Bay Dipsea Trail Map

Wednesday 2B Hike.   Mitch was supposed to lead this but he got a last minute modeling job.   Edna led.   Short walk on the Dipsea Trail to Cardiac Hill.   Noodling around looking for a view before lunch and a look at the Lone Pine Spring.   (Oddly named because it was deep in the woods.)Then we lost the rest of the group.   The seven left came back on the Ben Johnson trail to Muir Woods.

Sara Brooks Sara Brooks Clark River Trail Missoula, Mt 2009-07-11 9.2 km5.7 mi 1h:49m 42 photos

Clark-River-Trail_3.jpg Clark-River-Trail_2.jpg Clark-River-Trail_1.jpg Clark-River-Trail_0.jpg Map

I was in Missoula, Montana for a wedding. My dog, Snickers, came with me. I found this walking trail and decided to take the dog for a nice long walk.The trail is very dog friendly. There were walkers, bikers, and runners. Attached to the trail is a dog park "Bark Park." I had thought about taking Snickers into the park but that may be a bit too much for her.

Alex Woo Alex Woo Charity Valley Naturalist Hike 2009-06-25 6.2 km3.8 mi 3h:43m 85 photos

_MG_7083 _MG_7082 _MG_7080 _MG_7078 Map

Attempt to walk down Charity Valley to look at Wildflowers.   Had some trouble finding the trail.   Left when a thunderhead was dropping lightning within 9 seconds of the trail.