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China Camp Hike 2013-10-26 11.8 km7.3 mi 2h:57m 1 photo

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Hiking China camp with a deadline, always spend more time out there than intended.

Sf bike festival group ride 2013-09-07 10.4 km6.5 mi 1h:59m


Starting at the bottoms of south hill going up up up to the entrance of San Bruno. Around in the sun, with a glitch in the tracking, and then down the steep road back to McLaren. Through the McLaren park an straight to the food truck.

Lost in Marin with Jenn 2013-09-06 5.5 km3.4 mi 2h:05m


Down the stairs, walking on the quiet Alice road. Find a hidden path into the redwood forest around down to a campsite. Down into the ravine just to go back up again, hurry hurry hurry up the steep stairs.

Fraser Island day 2 2012-06-22 79 km49.1 mi 7h:47m


Blue mountains 2012-06-08 3.3 km2 mi 2h:05m


Blue mountains waterfall 2012-06-08 52.9 km32.9 mi 2h:59m 1 photo

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Gibbon Experience 2012-04-20 2.9 km1.8 mi 0h:55m


Beach To Raj Resort 2012-03-13 1.2 km0.7 mi 0h:20m 4 photos

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This path goes through all sorts of property so I could see it not existing after a few years or even months

Biking down death road 2012-02-08 55.4 km34.4 mi 3h:32m 1 photo

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Inka trail to Machu Picchu 2012-01-27 30.6 km19 mi 16h:36m 1 photo

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Flying with Stengel 2011-12-10 138.7 km86.2 mi 0h:50m 4 photos

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Seattle Cruise 2011-06-09 33 km20.5 mi 2h:47m 15 photos

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Cruising with Microsoft employees on the PAC team.

Kayaking up Sammamish River 2011-05-28 4.4 km2.8 mi 1h:22m 10 photos

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Free kayak rentals from our apartment's leasing office! We walked the kayaks to the river and took then for a spin.

Yellowstone - Mammoth campground 2011-05-18 3.1 km2 mi 0h:58m 3 photos

IMG_1835.jpg IMG_1837.jpg IMG_1833.JPG Map

Laura and I hiked nearby the Mammoth campground, and ended up seeing a Bison and even a Bison skeleton that had definitely been eaten!

Mackinaw Island Adventure 2011-05-11 15.3 km9.5 mi 2h:19m 5 photos

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Road around and about Makinac Island! It was so cold we had to buy ourselves matching white jackets to keep warm.

Down the Huron River 2011-03-18 20.9 km13 mi 1h:19m


Ohio State Road Bike Race 2011-03-05 46.7 km29 mi 2h:05m 1 photo

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I don't practice much, so I finished somewhere in the end of the pack, but I did it! I was in the class D collegiate races. It was cold, raining, and windy.

Cycling Club Trip 3 2011-03-01 64.7 km40.2 mi 3h:35m 12 photos

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For our area in Georgia, an east ride. Up a mountain at the end too.

I forgot to track one part of it, but you can see how the paths connect.

Cycling Club Trip Day 2 2011-02-27 39.4 km24.5 mi 3h:28m 13 photos

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All the way up, and all the way down.

Cycling Club Trip Day 1 2011-02-26 59.8 km37.2 mi 5h:02m


First day of cycling on no sleep after driving through the night from Ann Arbor. These are mountains we're riding on, and the uphill grades show it. After about 30 miles we were out of food, out of water, and too fatigued to go on. We had to call our friends for a save.

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