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Going home from north campus 2011-02-21 5.6 km3.5 mi 2h:06m


Just trying together home...

Ann arbor local loop 2009-09-11 22.3 km13.8 mi 2h:12m 4 photos

Ann-arbor-local_3.jpg Ann-arbor-local_2.jpg Ann-arbor-local_1.jpg Ann-arbor-local_0.jpg Map

Bike not meant for mountain biking! Couldn't use my back brake or it would skid out! With 3 other people off the cycling club list: Jason who led, nick who's a grad student that lives on north, and Ryan, a freshman who I think also lives on north. And the pictures don't do the trip justice, because I only took pictures when it wasn't super intense...of course.

Isola di Capri, italia hike 2009-04-03 24.1 km15 mi 5h:02m 14 photos

Isola-di-Capri,_3.jpg Isola-di-Capri,_2.jpg Isola-di-Capri,_1.jpg Isola-di-Capri,_0.jpg Map

Moms birthday hike 2008-12-25 3.9 km2.4 mi 1h:33m 7 photos

photo4.jpg photo3.jpg photo2.jpg photo1.jpg Map

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