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Steve Hazlehurst Steve Hazlehurst 14th August Thursday 2008-08-14 70.3 km43.7 mi 9h:32m 9 photos

DSCF0883 DSCF0882 DSCF0881 DSCF0880 Map

A day off from motorcycling, to do the tourist visits. A guided tour of some of the Napa Valley wineries.   Really well organised.  We chose a tour bus, so we could drink.   The Vineyards charge $10-$20 for the tasting, 5-6 half glasses of wine.   I was surprised that each vineyard grew many different types of grape.    Bobbie doesn't care much for red, so I often drank hers.

Steve Hazlehurst Steve Hazlehurst 13th August Wednesday 2008-08-13 261.2 km162.3 mi 7h:46m 22 photos

DSCF0872 DSCF0872 DSCF0871 DSCF0871 Map

My planned tour was complete, with a couple of days to spare.   So a trip to Napa / Sanoma, to drink some wine, and spend a day not motorcycliing.

Steve Hazlehurst Steve Hazlehurst 12th August Tuesday 2008-08-12 326.6 km203 mi 9h:14m 19 photos

DSCF0859 DSCF0858 DSCF0853 DSCF0852 Map

A cruise down the coast, with Lunch at Alice's Restaurant. An experience as the local sherrif and deputy ate there, the sherriff was called to deal with a fallen motorcyclist half way through their lunch. Sherrif stopped eating and waited for the sherrif. The food was OK. We saw a recover vehicle dragging the bike out of the hillside as we left.Santa Cruz is a great place to visit.

Steve Hazlehurst Steve Hazlehurst 11th August Monday 2008-08-11 284.2 km176.6 mi 9h:22m 23 photos

DSCF0831 DSCF0830 DSCF0829 DSCF0828 Map

The coast road, down to Gualala.   A really nice town on the coast.   Dinner in a restaurant overlooking the Pacific.  An early stop, and a stroll down to the Pacific.

Steve Hazlehurst Steve Hazlehurst California 10th Day Sunday 2008-08-10 517.5 km321.6 mi 7h:39m 8 photos

DSCF0823 DSCF0822 DSCF0821 DSCF0820 Map

SMOKE! At times so much it was a little difficult to breath. Pilot cars in some areas. A pick-up with red lights that led cars through the worst areas. Small tent towns where the firemen slept.After Hayfork the air cleared, but it was then HOT!

Check the news for fire details, as some roads may be closed, or difficult to pass through.

Steve Hazlehurst Steve Hazlehurst 9th August Saturday 2008-08-09 416.3 km258.7 mi 7h:19m 14 photos

DSCF0809 DSCF0808 DSCF0807 DSCF0806 Map

A great days motorcycling. The roads are real motorcyle roads.   Lassen was an OK visit.   It became hot as the day progressed.   With a lot of trees, and some smoke,  and little views, so not many photographs.Yreka was a real nice town,  'real america' to a tourist.  A real nice Best Western in the middle of town.

Steve Hazlehurst Steve Hazlehurst 8th August Friday 2008-08-08 455.9 km283.3 mi 6h:43m 16 photos

DSCF0795 DSCF0792 DSCF0793 DSCF0794 Map

North up the I395, and the temperature starts to become bearable. It's still very clear and sunny, but only in the 90's! It's BIG here, with little else but road and scenery.From empty roads, and little else to Lake Tahoe, which was crowded, with crowded roads, and slow traffic.

Steve Hazlehurst Steve Hazlehurst California 7th August 2008-08-07 423 km262.9 mi 7h:59m 22 photos

DSCF0771 DSCF0770 DSCF0769 DSCF0768 Map

Hot!! With BIG scenery. Little traffic or much of anything else. The temperature dropped to the high 80's as we approached Lee Vining. We stayed in the town centre, and ate in an American Diner.

Steve Hazlehurst Steve Hazlehurst California 6th August 2008-08-06 279.8 km173.9 mi 7h:24m 13 photos

DSCF0757 DSCF0756 DSCF0755 DSCF0754 Map

After starting cool, the temps hit 100+ again in the afternoon.Roads really good, with Sherman's pass being a great ride.Close to completely empty roads, maybe two other vehicles all day, one being a white wing pulling a trailer.There's a nice microbrewery in Kernville. Nice beer, with good food. Surrounded by great roads and countryside.

Steve Hazlehurst Steve Hazlehurst California 5th August 2008-08-04 462.2 km287.2 mi 12h:01m 14 photos

DSCF0735 DSCF0734 DSCF0733 DSCF0731 Map

The day started out at 55 F, and ended at 105F. It was HOT.The I58 resembles the Mars landscape in places, hot dry, with no visible signs of life, and it's HUGE. Where the I58 crosses the I5 I put 6.1 gallons of gas into the Goldwing. I was glad to get to that station!The road to Kernville is great. Take the right at Fig Orchard. A "proper" alpine road.Kernville is a great place to stop.