Breckenridge, Colorado - Georgia Pass

Date 2008-08-19
Distance 109 km67.7 mi
Duration 5h:54m
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Looking for the perfect loop on the KDX 200. From Breck up Swan River to Georgia Pass, across the ridge, and back down to the Swan River. Unfortunate, I was stymied as you can tell from the track. I ran into a section that I wouldn't even take a tank into. (Found a rental jeep nearby that was severely stuck.)Back out the way I came in, to Breckenridge for lunch, then back to find a different route. Stymied again. I was within a couple hundred feet (vertically) of the top that would have allowed me to drop down into the Keystone area. Maybe with a four stroke and lot's of nerve I'll make it sometime. I experienced my only "getoff" of the day trying to get up the hill.A full day's ride (70 miles), and the bike performed well. That is, until I stopped on the way home to fill it with gas. As I drove off, I bounced the trailer pretty well over a bump, heard a crash, and couldn't see the bike in the mirror. It was lying sideways on the trailer (could have been worse - could have fallen off the trailer). Broke the throttle cable housing on the handlebars, otherwise OK. Lesson - make sure the tie down straps are VERY snug.All in all, a very good day!Art