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Motorcycle Trip to Alaska 2013-06-28 0 km0 mi 0h:0m 77 photos

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I departed Evergreen, Colorado on July 15, 2013 for a solo motorcycle ride to Alaska on a 2008 BMW R1200 GSA.  I had no specific itinerary, but planned to ride most of the common motorcycle routes.  I carried my camping gear and planned to make an occasional motel stop for a shower, laundry, etc.

LAB2V Dual Sport Tour 2009-11-27 768.2 km477.4 mi 20h:27m 8 photos

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The LAB2V (Los Angeles to Barstow to Las Vegas) Dual Sport Tour is a
motorcycle event that began as an off-road race from Barstow to Vegas
in the '60s.  This year was the 26th annual event.  The ride is a
two-day event, starting this year in Palmdale, CA, overnighting in
Barstow, CA, and finishing in Las Vegas, NV.  There were over 350
participants, all riding street-legal dirt bikes.

Breckenridge, Colorado - Georgia Pass 2008-08-19 109 km67.7 mi 5h:54m 9 photos

4Lunch in Breck. 2Riding the Ridge. 3More Ridge Riding. 1Georgia Pass. Map

Looking for the perfect loop on the KDX 200. From Breck up Swan River to Georgia Pass, across the ridge, and back down to the Swan River. Unfortunate, I was stymied as you can tell from the track. I ran into a section that I wouldn't even take a tank into. (Found a rental jeep nearby that was severely stuck.

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