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Pawnee Buttes 2011-04-02 3.2 km2 mi 1h:00m 22 photos

photo4.jpg photo3.jpg photo2.jpg photo1.jpg Map

It has been about 20 years since I have hiked this trail. I brought Snickers. It was windy in spots, but the wind cooled us off. Hawks and other raptors are nesting in the area. I didn't see any but heard some calls.

The Buttes are located in the Pawnee National Grasslands. Bring water. It is difficult to find the trails. There are signs, but they aren't too helpful.

Centennial Village 2010-05-01 1.1 km0.7 mi 1h:13m 48 photos

Swedish Stuga Entrance Sign Entrance Centennial Village Sign Map

Today was opening day and a free day at Centennial Village. I decided to take advantage and do a different Virtual Field Trip to include on my Greeley History Website.

I was able to tour the inside of homes that I have not been able to see before. And the trolley (street car) has been refurbished.

Bring picnic lunches. No food or drink is allowed inside any of the buildings.

Poudre River Trail 2010-03-21 6.1 km3.8 mi 1h:37m 10 photos

Seeds Another view of Sharkstooth I think this is Sharkstooth. Raptor sign Map

Took Snickers on the trail today. It was a beautiful day with a lot of sunshine.

Bring water. If you are walking a dog, it would be good to bring a portable water dish and water for them. There are porta-johns available.

Clark River Trail Missoula, Mt 2009-07-11 9.2 km5.7 mi 1h:49m 42 photos

Clark-River-Trail_3.jpg Clark-River-Trail_2.jpg Clark-River-Trail_1.jpg Clark-River-Trail_0.jpg Map

I was in Missoula, Montana for a wedding. My dog, Snickers, came with me. I found this walking trail and decided to take the dog for a nice long walk.The trail is very dog friendly. There were walkers, bikers, and runners. Attached to the trail is a dog park "Bark Park." I had thought about taking Snickers into the park but that may be a bit too much for her.

Kennebunk Lobster Tour 2009-06-07 9.2 km5.7 mi 1h:05m 22 photos

Kennebunk-lobster-tour_3.jpg Kennebunk-lobster-tour_2.jpg Kennebunk-lobster-tour_1.jpg Kennebunk-lobster-tour_0.jpg Map

Emma and I went on a lobster boat tour in Kennebunk. We were on the Kylies' Second Chance. We saw former President George H. Bush's fishing boat with the Secret Service boat tied up next to it. We also saw Walker's Point where he and Barbara spend their summers, and St Ann's church where they attend Sunday services. We did catch a few lobsters and learned quite a bit about them.

Liberty Fleet Long Ship Cruise 2009-06-04 14.4 km8.9 mi 1h:57m 34 photos

Liberty-Fleet-Long_3.jpg Liberty-Fleet-Long_2.jpg Liberty-Fleet-Long_1.jpg Liberty-Fleet-Long_32.jpg Map

We sailed out into Boston Harbor and even tossed a few boxes of tea. It turned out to actually be a great day for the sail. At first, I was concerned about being too cold and having to deal with a lot of rain.There were only about 16 of us onboard so it was a very relaxing fun trip. Amazingly, most everyone volunteered to raise the sails.

Freedom Trail including the North End 2009-06-03 6.6 km4.1 mi 3h:47m 30 photos

Freedom-Trail_0.jpg North-End_1.jpg Freedom-Trail_2.jpg DSC06542.JPG Map

Two days of walking the Freedom Trail. We did take a few side trips so our path meanders a bit from the Trail. The Freedom Trail begins at the Boston Common the oldest public park in the USA, and continues over to Charlestown with the Bunker Hill Monument and Old Ironsides. This year we did not ever make it over to Charlestown.

Second part of the day Poudre Learning Center 2009-05-16 3.3 km2 mi 2h:27m 28 photos

Second-part-of_3.jpg Second-part-of_2.jpg Second-part-of_1.jpg Second-part-of_0.jpg Map

The sun was out, and it actually got hot. The sun also brought out the mosquitos. This was a beautiful hike.

Poudre Learning Center 2009-05-16 4.7 km2.9 mi 2h:15m 24 photos

Poudre-Learning-Center_4.jpg Poudre-Learning-Center_3.jpg Poudre-Learning-Center_2.jpg Poudre-Learning-Center_0.jpg Map

Class today at the Poudre Learning Center. We walked a different part of the trail than I have done before. It was cold and windy to start but once the wind stopped, it was quite warm.

Second Part Denver Zoo 2009-03-08 3 km1.9 mi 1h:48m 134 photos

photo4.jpg photo3.jpg photo2.jpg photo1.jpg Map

It was just a great day for the zoo.  I took many pictures so I decided to do this trip in two parts.

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