River Section, Pilot Mountain State Park

Date 2010-03-14
Distance 12.6 km7.8 mi
Duration 4h:08m
Photos 13

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The River Section of Pilot Mountain State Park is in a very remote section of countryside northwest of Winston-Salem (in contrast to Pilot Mountain's main section, which is right next door to U.S. Route 52).Trails are not super plentiful, but if you like taking walks along a lazy river, it's worth checking out. I went in winter to get better GPS reception; I imagine it would be gorgeous in the fall. In summer when the water's lower and slower, it's possible to wade over to a couple islands in the Yadkin River. Would be a great place to kick back with your sketchbook.Hike write-up to come at Two-Heel Drive.

Keep an eye out for snakes in the summertime -- copperheads are pretty common near bodies of water like this.