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Biking on hilton head iskand 2014-02-15 1 km0.6 mi 1h:14m 1 photo

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July 25 2014 2013-07-15 5.8 km3.6 mi 1h:00m 5 photos

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North View RT 2011-07-23 23.3 km14.5 mi 2h:14m


Salem to shearwood 2011-07-02 31.3 km19.4 mi 3h:30m 5 photos

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New rails to trails trip 2010-08-09 14.8 km9.2 mi 1h:24m 3 photos

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Salem wolfsummit 2010-07-28 9.2 km5.7 mi 0h:48m


Salem 2010-07-28 5.5 km3.4 mi 0h:39m


Buffalo Calf and Hastings road logging destruction of intersection 2010-03-21 0.1 km0.1 mi 0h:05m 6 photos

Buffalo-Calf-and_0.jpg Buffalo-Calf-and_3.jpg Buffalo-Calf-and_2.jpg Buffalo-Calf-and_1.jpg Map

Church 2010-03-21 0 km0 mi 0h:00m 1 photo

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Hastings road conditions 2010-03-20 3.2 km2 mi 1h:16m 24 photos

Hastings-road-conditions_3.jpg Hastings-road-conditions_2.jpg Hastings-road-conditions_1.jpg Hastings-road-conditions_0.jpg Map

Logging trucks tore up Hastings road between Buffalo Calf and Long Run near Salem.  Also a drilling company has been working two years off of a County right of way (Hastings ) and not done any remedial environmental work at all.  WV DNR take note.

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