Grandfather Mountain, 4.6-mile moderate hike

Date 2010-03-20
Distance 7.7 km4.8 mi
Duration 4h:46m
Photos 7

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Attempted to hike from Boone Fork Trailhead (mile 299.9 on the Blue Ridge Parkway) to Callaway Peak at Grandfather Mountain in western North Carolina. Had to turn back about about 2 miles in because foot-deep snow was obscuring the trails.  Went up Daniel Boone Boy Scout Trail, which becomes snow-covered past the Flat Rock trail junction. There's a bit less snow on the Cragway Trail, which also has much better views. I'm guessing the snow will be gone by the end of April 2010, perhaps sooner. Trip write-up at Two-Heel Drive

Trail is steep and craggy -- trekking poles come in very handy. If you  go up before the snow melts, be careful about following tracks of previous hikers -- they might not have known where they were going.