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Trying out the new skis! 2018-02-13 12.4 km7.7 mi 1h:47m 4 photos

Styles Brook from the bridge. The new-to-me used skis. Even a green fern! Signs of spring in February! Map

A late start at Wild Wings Ski Tourning Center but a great ski. I met with Chuck in the shop and he said it was a klister day. I didn’t have any so used the hardwares I had. Actually I had the opportunity to use 3 different ones because as Chuck predicted they came off on the abrasive granular snow.

First Day Chickadee and Loon Open! 2018-02-06 6.3 km3.9 mi 1h:08m 4 photos


A perfect ski day. Below freezing but not too much. Only trouble was there wasn’t much time left in the day when I started. Oh well, best of all I got to do Chickadee and Loon for the first time this year. The logging operation that has been a hold up on opening these trails seems to be finishing up. They were loading logs at the road crossing. For once I chose the correct skis.

New Snow, Sticky, Slow but Wonderful! 2018-02-04 8.4 km5.2 mi 2h:19m 3 photos

Skiing up the hill before sticking... The new Side-By-Side (seats 2) The new drag and track setter. Map

I was very determined to use my skinny, waxable racing skis even though I was planning to hit some more remote trails. Have I made this mistake before? All the time! I just can’t seem to leave behind the glide of my racing skis and don my waxless backcountry skis that, in comparison, seem like snowshoes.

Wild Wings Cross Country Ski Center, Peru, VT. Grouse and Goshawk 2017-12-14 2.7 km1.7 mi 0h:19m 2 photos

Perfect, right? These old skis are beat though the tops still look good! The bases are pealing off. Anyone have some used classic skis to sell? Map

Nice to ski some hills! New switchback on the return to the Center confused me as I was prepared to make a left turn but the new trail continues straight. There was a crash but enough snow to cushion the landing.

Wild wings Ski Center, the trail called Snowgoose 2017-12-14 4 km2.5 mi 0h:25m


Opening day for the 2017-18 season. Nice snow and trails in great shape for the first day. As for me, not in great shape but skiing will help that! Yes, I forgot to start tracking until I got to the first road crossing.

Fall Hike up Haystack 2017-10-15 5 km3.1 mi 1h:59m 12 photos

A short rest. The path that leaves the road. A view into a field. Map

October 15th! I had to check. So late in the foliage season and still not much color. None the less it was a great hike. Missy, the boarder collie, was well behaved and healed so close to me that she sometimes tripped me. There was a couple on top and another I met coming down the path just before the top.

First Ski in 2017’s SECOND Ski Season 2017-03-18 13.4 km8.3 mi 2h:19m 10 photos

Junction with Loon. Looking back the way I had come. Where Chickadee meets Chickadee returning. Wild Wings home base. Map

After a crazy warm spell in February we lost all of our snow but a March storm brought us enough so XC ski places could open again. Wild Wings was my choice to try out the new snow. I warmed up on their Woodcock trail to discover my tape wax was working reasonably but would sometimes stick and sometimes slip. So it is with waxed skis around the freezing point.

Thaw at Season's End 2017-02-25 6 km3.7 mi 1h:29m 3 photos

Bridge that marks the start of Snowgoose. The stream much wider than the last time I was here. Site of an earlier photos with round snow covered rocks. Map

With the threat of high temperatures and rain in the following days, I grabbed my skis and headed for Wild Wings and was so glad I did. I don't remember such fine conditions on such a warm day. My wax skis couldn't get a grip on the 50 something degree snow but my waxless skis worked perfectly! In fact I was surprised how much glide I was getting on such wet snow.

Afternoon on Classic Skis 2017-02-05 13.5 km8.4 mi 2h:34m 3 photos

The second lookout. Red Pine forest and trail leading to the first of two lookouts. The first of two lookouts. Map

Equipped with both racing and backcountry skis I started out with the backcountry pair because these trails never get groomed any more. Well I've never been so happy to be wrong. Though there were no tracks set, the corduroy trail was very easy and fun to ski compared to the lumpy state we delt with on Thulrday.

Woodstock Ski at Mt Tom 2017-02-02 6.6 km4.1 mi 1h:48m 10 photos

Reid drinking his Mom's water. Bonny with Reid following. The gradual climb up the carriage road. Map

My sister, Bonny, and her son, Reid, joined me in a ski to the Mt Tom Star overlooking Woodstock. At 13, Reid has been skiing for a couple of years at the Bill Koch League at Mountain Top Ski Touring Center and is doing well skate skiing which is the way he went on this trip. He had no trouble keeping up or ahead of Bonny and I on our racing classic skis.

Chittenden 2016-10-15 7.5 km4.7 mi 1h:20m 17 photos


Haystack Mountain 2016-04-30 2.5 km1.6 mi 1h:01m 7 photos

Nell, our tour guide, was enjoyed by Roxane. Where the foot path leaves Tunket Road. Parking on Waite Hill Road The beginning of the trail. Map

Quite a few other hikers taking advantage of the sunny April day. We felt lucky to have found a place to park. The track shows only the way up. My phone ran out of battery on the trip back down. A nice hike with Roxane and a great view at the top. Here’s a panoramic from the summit: .

2nd Rollerski trip, Lake St.Catherine 2016-03-30 8.4 km5.2 mi 0h:47m 1 photo


Though a late start, it turned out to be a beautiful evening to be out on the rollerskis. Starting out I felt optimistic and set my speed reducers on the first notch. Really this setting does little but keep the wheels from coast spinning when you pick them up off the road.

First AWD Roller Ski Trip 2016-03-24 4.7 km2.9 mi 0h:25m 2 photos


Completely skunked for skiable snow this past winter, I decided to get some roller skis. These came from Nordic Skater in Norwich, VT and have inflatable tires and aluminum frame. Six inch wheels are made for gravel roads though in my first trial on the driveway, the gravel was too soft for easy forward progress.

Little Lake and the inlet and outlet 2016-03-13 5.7 km3.5 mi 1h:34m 6 photos

The close proximity of cottages along the outlet reminded me of the Florida shore. Peter in his fiberglass boat in the outlet. The landing I tried to use skating only to find the water under the bridge was not frozen. Looking south, back the way we had paddled. Taken at the north end of the inlet near Lake St. Catherine. Map

With a short window of time to paddle, Peter and I chose to do only Little Lake but once there it was so nice to be on the water we extended the trip by following the inlet and then the outlet before finishing up. A beautiful sunny day. It seemed odd that only a few weeks before we had been skating on 6+ inches of ice on the same lake.

Little Lake 2016-02-07 14.4 km8.9 mi 1h:20m 4 photos

Straight line is snowmobile track and there are several fishing holes visible. Stopping to tighten the skate boots. Yes, the ice was this glossy. Taking a little break. Map

A party of ice fishermen were enjoying the lake but otherwise there was no activity, no skaters. The ice was very good though a little harry getting from the edge onto something firm enough to stand on. On skating around I noticed a snowmobile parked on the ice next to a dock waiting for more snow. Well it is the year for skating instead of snow sports.

Lake St. Katherine 2016-02-07 2.1 km1.3 mi 0h:15m


I was planning to skate the length of Lake Saint Catherine but I was disappointed to find a large expanse of melted ice on one side of the lake. This prompted me to turn around and head back to the car. It was a round trip starting at the parking lot. I forgot to start my tracking app.

White Rocks Ice Beds 2015-11-29 2.7 km1.7 mi 1h:22m 10 photos

Bottom of the ravine: The Ice Beds The Overlook White Rocks Outlook Map

A short day trip, close to following the same steps I first made on the Long Trail but this track stays well below the elevation of the Long Trail on a side trail called the Ice Beds Trail. We left the parking lot in what seemed like a brisk mid morning breeze. The termperature was around freezing but it seemed colder with the breeze and dampness.

Foliage Paddle on Chittenden Reservoir 2015-10-10 8.1 km5 mi 1h:57m 29 photos

Mount Carmel Map

A short window of time for both of us. Roxane drove straight to the landing. I had taken the boats to the job and left there at 3:15 to meet Roxane at the landing. We got on the water and the temperature and wind were milder than we expected but the colors were all we hoped they would be. It was nice to hear and see some loons and Roxane was able to get quite close to a young one.

Late August on Lowell Lake 2015-08-28 3.2 km2 mi 1h:59m 32 photos

lake scene Strong sun light The amazing swamp lily pads north end Map

A leisurely trip around Lowell Lake. This time with my neighbor who is a science teacher so we noticed many plants and animals along the way, from turtles with orange shell interiors to spiral stemmed water plants. My neighbor got to see a big snapping turtle below the surface.

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