Trying out the new skis!

Date 2018-02-13
Distance 12.4 km7.7 mi
Duration 1h:47m
Photos 4

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A late start at Wild Wings Ski Tourning Center but a great ski. I met with Chuck in the shop and he said it was a klister day. I didn’t have any so used the hardwares I had. Actually I had the opportunity to use 3 different ones because as Chuck predicted they came off on the abrasive granular snow. I ended up waxing 4 times, and no matter what wax I used they all worked well for a mile or two then wore off enough to require a rewax. Later on it seemed my skis slowed down as well as lost kick so I guessed by glide wax was wearing off as well. The bases did look pretty clean. Anyway the rewaxing provided some much needed rest. You can tell by the track data that my GPS tracker doesn’t count stopping/resting time but rather only when I’’m on the move. That way being dead still doesn’t get averaged into the time and I get to feel like I’m a speed demon! No laughing!