Thaw at Season's End

Date 2017-02-25
Distance 6 km3.7 mi
Duration 1h:29m
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With the threat of high temperatures and rain in the following days, I grabbed my skis and headed for Wild Wings and was so glad I did. I don't remember such fine conditions on such a warm day. My wax skis couldn't get a grip on the 50 something degree snow but my waxless skis worked perfectly! In fact I was surprised how much glide I was getting on such wet snow. I couldn't remember such glide in wet conditions but suspect it was because the snow had already been rained on and was very crystallized instead of wet powder. For whatever the reason, I enjoyed the grand afternoon to the fullest. The track is missing one loop called Goshawk and another piece when I started the biggest loop called Chickadee. The Goshawk track lost GPS signal and the Chickadee loop had not been groomed by the groomer so had not survived through the warm weather the way the other trails had. Steep hummocks that threatened to break my skis, trail washouts and ice crust motivated me to turn around and abandon Chickadee. I opted to ski Snowgoose a second time so in total I skied about 9 miles. I just tallied up the milage listed on the Wild Wings map.