First Day Chickadee and Loon Open!

Date 2018-02-06
Distance 6.3 km3.9 mi
Duration 1h:08m
Photos 4

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A perfect ski day. Below freezing but not too much. Only trouble was there wasn’t much time left in the day when I started. Oh well, best of all I got to do Chickadee and Loon for the first time this year. The logging operation that has been a hold up on opening these trails seems to be finishing up. They were loading logs at the road crossing. For once I chose the correct skis. My no-wax backcountry skis were ideal since they were a little wider for floatation in the softer snow and the glide wasn’t bad. I discovered the bases were severely oxidized so scraping them and hot waxing the tips and tails really made a huge difference compared to the last time I tried them. Lesson learned: always store your skis with a layer of wax on them come spring. Just wiping on some Magiglide is better than nothing.