Skiing Norway at Mt Tom

Date 2018-03-19
Distance 13.7 km8.5 mi
Duration 2h:11m
Photos 10

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Having many classic ski trips under my belt over the winter I finally felt in good enough shape to try a skate trip at Mt Tom. I assumed very crowded trails with these stellar and rare conditions but to my surprise I was perhaps the third skater since last grooming. I crossed paths with 2 skiers and as many walkers. Actually there were more boot tracks than ski tracks! Are there really so many walkers who don’t ski? That seemed very strange considering how perfect the trails were. After school or after work skiers should take advantage!

I skied all the groomed trails at least once. The fastest snow was the Pogue loop probably because it had melted a bit in the sun and refrozen.

The panoramic was taken at The Star looking out over Woodstock, the eastern most point of the track. It’s location on the map is incorrect.