Afternoon on Classic Skis

Date 2017-02-05
Distance 13.5 km8.4 mi
Duration 2h:34m
Photos 3

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Equipped with both racing and backcountry skis I started out with the backcountry pair because these trails never get groomed any more. Well I've never been so happy to be wrong. Though there were no tracks set, the corduroy trail was very easy and fun to ski compared to the lumpy state we delt with on Thulrday. I switched skis and set off and had to rewax serveral times throughout the afternoon because the abrasive old snow wore it off quickly. Skate skis would have been more appropriate and I often found myself skating when my wax had worn out.The glide was amazing.

My objective was to cover all the trail that was groomed. I mostly succeeded except for a few connecting trails that my loops missed. Not many photos this time as it was easy to just keep going. I hoped to come back again with skate skis before the conditions changed.