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Recent Trips

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann King Canyon loop hike 2016-12-29 10.9 km6.8 mi 2h:43m 18 photos

Blue Heron Starting from the Valle Vista Staging Area Map

East Bay Casual Hikers outing together with 'Trail Gail' of East Bay Regional Parks starting from the Valle Vista staging area outside Moraga and taking the King Canyon loop along the north shore of the Upper San Leandro Reservoir.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Shannon Center to Sunol and Kilkare 2016-12-27 58.6 km36.4 mi 3h:52m 7 photos

Foothill Blvd. Start from  Shannon Center Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride starting from Shannon Center in Dublin and heading south to Sunol. We then did an out-and-back climb to the end of Kilkare Rd. before returning on Pleasanton-Sunol Rd. with a stop at Peet's Coffee on Hopyard and Valley along the way. From there we rode through the BART station into Dublin and back to the start.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Diablo Vista Park - Livermore Christmas Ride 2016-12-25 65 km40.4 mi 3h:09m 4 photos

Iron Horse trail Mobius strip arch in Dublin Refreshment stop at Starbucks on Vineyard Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride starting from Diablo Vista Park in Danville and heading to Livermore via Camino Tassajara, Highland, Carneal, Manning, and N. Livermore Aves. We rode south through town and stopped at the Starbucks on Vineyard before returning on Valley, Hopyard, and the Iron Horse trail.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann San Ramon - Alamo - Dublin 2016-12-21 45.5 km28.3 mi 3h:44m 6 photos

Regroup at top of hill in Blackhawk Rest stop in Oak Hill Park Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride starting from Heather Farm park in Walnut Creek. I rode from home to meet them on Stone Valley in Alamo and rode with them through Blackhawk and south into San Ramon.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Pleasanton - 'Calaveras Wall' 2016-12-18 63.7 km39.6 mi 3h:25m 7 photos

Regroup at 1st summit on Calaveras Start at former Crank-2 in Raley shopping center Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride starting from the Raley shopping center at the south end of Pleasanton and heading south to Sunol and then out Calaveras Rd. past the reservoir. Some opted to continue up Felter Rd. to the summit, but the rest of us turned around at the top of the 'Wall'.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Pleasanton - Livermore loop 2016-12-17 55.2 km34.3 mi 2h:41m 4 photos

Stoneridge Patterson Pass at Cross Rd. Start from the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride by the Feather Pedals group starting from the Pleasanton BART station and heading over to the east side of Livermore. We then rode through town before returning to Pleasanton.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann San Ramon - Alamo - Dublin ride 2016-12-14 49.6 km30.8 mi 3h:29m 7 photos

Blackhawk Rd. and Silver Oak Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride starting from Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek and heading south through Alamo, Danville, Blackhawk, and San Ramon. I rode to join the ride from San Ramon and later split off to go to Dublin so the track here doesn't show the northern part of the club ride.

Rick Jarvis Rick Jarvis Post Matthew Exploration of Trout Creek 2016-12-13 11.6 km7.2 mi 2h:54m 9 photos


Believe It or Not Trout Creek open with no obstruction all the way to the 16A bridge. My brother Scott and I continued on for another mile and a half going further on Trout Creek than I ever have and probably most other people. It was a beautiful December day 75 degrees and sunny.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Bay Trail ride 2016-12-11 64.2 km39.9 mi 4h:44m 11 photos

Coffee stop in Union City High tide along the trail Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride along portions of the Bay Trail starting from the staging area on Grant Rd. in San Lorenzo and heading south to the Coyote Hills.


Outing of Wilma's Wednesday Hikers starting from the Valle Vista staging area on Canyon Rd. in Moraga and heading first to Rancho Laguna Park for our lunch break and then returning along the San Leandro Reservoir.