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San Pablo Dam rd. Start from Orinda BART Map

Grizzly Peak club ride starting from the Orinda BART station and heading up San Pablo, Castro Ranch, and Alhambra Valley roads to Pig Farm hill. We then continued up Reliez Valley rd. to Lafayette before taking the Blvd. into Danville. The official route went back to Orinda from there, but I had ridden from home so I continued back to San Ramon after a stop at Windmill Farms for some groceries.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann San Ramon - Las Trampas - Dublin ride 2016-11-11 42.5 km26.4 mi 2h:43m 6 photos

Flat tire repair New restroom Regroup at Las Trampas staging area Start from San Ramon Central Park Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride held on odd-numbered Fridays starting from San Ramon's Central Park and using various routes. Today we rode up to the Las Trampas staging area before heading back down and continuing south to Amador Valley Blvd. in Dublin before returning to Central Park. I stopped off to do some grocery shopping in Dublin so the last part of the track here differs from the club route.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Escalon area ride 2016-11-06 87.4 km54.3 mi 4h:46m 12 photos

New bike/ped bridge over the Stanislaus Seat adjustment and discussion with our Sag/Host gathering for the soup course Getting ready for the 1st loop Map

Valley Spokesmen 'Progressive Dinner' ride. Starting at the home of one of our members, we first did an 18-mile loop in the farmland to the north before returning to have a first course of a variety of soups. We then rode a second loop of 37 miles which included some nearby towns before having salads, lasagna entrees, and dessert.

Karol Szklarski Karol Szklarski Szymankowo - Malbork 2016-11-06 48.6 km30.2 mi 4h:21m 9 photos


Chwilowa przerwa w paskudnej pogodzie. Dziś nie padało, hura!

Wyjazd wczesnym popołudniem. Biała Góra super jak zwykle. Tym razem zjechałem na dół do mariny. Patrzę a tam pomost przez wodne chaszcze. Włażę na pomost, patrzę a tam widoczek :)

Potem się ciemno zrobiło.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann San Ramon - Treasure Island 2016-11-05 80 km49.7 mi 6h:07m 36 photos

Repair stop at Eden Cycles Dublin grade summit Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride starting at the W. Dublin BART station and heading over Dublin grade to Castro Valley before continuing past lakes Chabot and Merritt to the Bay Bridge bike path. It's now open on weekends to Yerba Buena island and we rode from there onto Treasure island before heading back across the bridge to the W. Oakland BART station.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Redwood Regional Park hike 2016-11-02 14 km8.7 mi 4h:44m 17 photos

Junction with the French trail past the playground on the Stream trail Gathering at Canyon Meadow Map

Outing of Wilma's Wednesday Hiker group in Redwood Regional Park. Starting at Canyon Meadow staging area we hiked up the Stream and Bridle trails to the French trail and took that all the way to Redwood Peak trail on our way to lunch at Redwood Bowl. Our return was down Madrone and Star Flower to the Stream trail and then back to the start.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann San Ramon - Livermore 2016-10-31 54.2 km33.7 mi 3h:46m 6 photos

Refreshment stop at Peet's 4th St., Livermore Start from the Dublin location of Livermore Cyclery Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride starting at the Dublin location of Livermore Cyclery and heading out to Livermore for a refreshment stop at Peet's coffee downtown before returning.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Joaquin Miller Park hike 2016-10-30 11.6 km7.2 mi 2h:29m 4 photos

A little dark for a photo lookout point Still a bit of a view at this time Putting on rain gear at the start Map

Outing of the East Bay Casual Hikers on a rainy day. The group got split up and the leader went back to check on people since the flour arrows were being washed away. Our sub group started back along the trail but then opted to take Skyline road back as a more sure way of returning.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Briones Regional Park Hike 2016-10-26 10.6 km6.6 mi 3h:29m 30 photos


Annual birthday hike & potluck of Wilma's Wednesday Hiker celebrating everyone in the group who has had a birthday in the preceding year. Today's outing was a loop through Briones Regional Park starting at the Bear Creek staging area and heading past Briones and Mott summits.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann San Ramon - Livermore - Pleasanton loop 2016-10-23 77.4 km48.1 mi 4h:30m 11 photos

Refreshment stop at Shadow Puppet brewery Rest stop at Starbucks on Vasco Starting from the Sycamore Ave. Park&Ride Map

Valley Spokesmen 'Oktoberfest' club ride starting at the Sycamore Ave. Park&Ride and heading over to Livermore and Pleasanton with some brewery stops along the way.