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Recent Trips

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann San Ramon - Mt. Diablo Junction 2016-09-30 59.4 km36.9 mi 4h:20m 9 photos


Valley Spokesmen club ride held on even-numbered Friday mornings starting from St. Timothy's church at the base of Mt. Diablo. We ride up as far as desired (usually to the junction) and then head back down.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Lake Chabot hike 2016-09-28 12.6 km7.8 mi 4h:05m 19 photos

Circling to count off at the start Map

Outing of Wilma's Wednesday Hikers in Lake Chabot Regional Park starting from the Marina and heading over to the Redwood Canyons (formerly Willows) golf course.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Heather Farm ride to Dublin 2016-09-26 52.8 km32.8 mi 3h:03m 12 photos

Lilac Ridge Bridges Golf Course El Capitan Regroup at Lunardi's Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride starting at Heather Farm in Walnut Creek and heading south to Dublin. I rode from home in San Ramon and met the rest of the group in Alamo so the track shown here reflects that.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann San Francisco - Larkspur - Tiburon loop 2016-09-24 82.2 km51.1 mi 6h:36m 27 photos

Color guard Bagpipe band Starting out from the Ferry Bldg. on the Embarcadero BART car with extra side rail space Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride starting at the SF Ferry Bldg., heading over the Golden Gate into Sausalito, and continuing north through Corte Madera into Larkspur. Our return was along Paradise Dr. to Tiburon with a stop for refreshments, then through Belvidere back to Sausalito and back across the bridge.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Redwood Regional Park hike 2016-09-21 13.4 km8.3 mi 4h:10m 14 photos


Outing of Wilma's Wednesday Hikers in Redwood Park. Starting at Canyon Meadows we took the Stream trail to Skyline and then returned along the West Ridge trail. Our lunch stop was at Redwood Bowl before continuing on the West Ridge to Chown and back along the Stream trail.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann San Ramon - Moraga - Pinehurst/Skyline loop 2016-09-17 95 km59 mi 4h:41m 12 photos

Skyline&Pinehurst Moraga Commons regroup Lafayette-Moraga trail Starting out up SRVB Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride starting at the Bollinger Canyon Park&Ride lot and heading up the Blvd. to Lafayette and then the trail to Moraga. From there we did the loop of Canyon - Pinehurst - Skyline - Redwood - Pinehurst before returning the way we came.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Heather Farm ride to Las Trampas 2016-09-14 59.9 km37.2 mi 4h:20m 12 photos

Turn around at Las Trampas Climb to Las Trampas Regroup at Lunardi's Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride from Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek to Las Trampas at the end of Bollinger Canyon. I met them along the way in Alamo and then went shopping and back home, so the route shown here differs at beginning and end from the club ride.

Karol Szklarski Karol Szklarski Stare Pole - Iława 2016-09-11 88.1 km54.7 mi 8h:43m 30 photos

Krzyżanowo Krowa rekordzistka, 8400 L mleka rocznie Dożynki Stare Pole Map

Plan ambitny i mało Żuławski. Żuławy skończyły się już po 10 km podjazdem do Żuławki Sztumskiej. Po drodze podjechałem do spalonego domu podcieniowego w Złotowie, a tu niespodzianka - odbudowa wre.

Za Żuławką dwie ruiny murowanych wiatraków - w Budzyszu z daleka i w Ankamatach z bliska, nawet wlazłem do środka. Wewnątrz koło młyńskie i sporo tłuczonego szkła.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann San Ramon - Oakland Zoo - Moraga loop 2016-09-10 88.8 km55.2 mi 4h:44m 11 photos

Lake Chabot Lake Chabot rd. Regroup and RR stop at Bay Tree park Start from the I-680 and Bollinger Canyon Park&Ride Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride starting at the Park&Ride lot on Bollinger and I-680 and heading south on the blvd. across I-580 to Dublin Canyon and then into Castro Valley. We took Lake Chabot road around the south side of the reservoir into Oakland and past the entrance to the zoo before climbing Golf Links to Skyline.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Union City - Coyote Hills Ride 2016-09-08 33.3 km20.7 mi 2h:26m 48 photos

Dyer St. Birthday boy snapping photos Start from Union City shopping center Map

Fremont Freewheelers and Valley Spokesmen club ride in honor of the 85th birthday of one of our members. Starting at the Texas Roadhouse in Union City, we rode down to the Coyote Hills for the annual trek up Nike Hill (abandoned missile site) and then rode back for lunch and cake.