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Recent Trips

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann San Ramon - Livermore - Pleasanton loop 2018-04-20 57.3 km35.6 mi 4h:04m 10 photos

Trail along Concannon Trail along Jack London Stoneridge Start from San Ramon Central Park Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride held on even-numbered Fridays from San Ramon Central Park. Today we took the Iron Horse trail down to Pleasanton and then Stoneridge and the Jack London trail into Livermore. Our return included the S. Livermore Valley trail along Concannon, Wente, Marina, and Wetmore and a refreshment stop at the Starbucks on Vineyard.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Dublin - Danville ride 2018-04-19 36.9 km22.9 mi 2h:23m 8 photos

Bee hive relocation in progress Start from Dublin location of Livermore Cyclery Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride held on Mondays and Thursday mornings from the Dublin location of Livermore Cyclery. Today we headed up to Danville Peets after checking out a bee hive that Bob is moving out of a San Ramon yard.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann San Ramon - Las Trampas 2018-04-18 45.9 km28.5 mi 2h:29m 5 photos


Valley Spokesmen club ride starting from Heather Farm in Walnut Creek and heading south through Alamo and Danville to San Ramon and then up to the Las Trampas staging area. I rode from home to meet the group in Danville so that's the route shown here.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Pre-Swap Meet Ride 2018-04-15 77.4 km48.1 mi 5h:33m 16 photos

Blackhawk Rd. North on Dougherty Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride before our swap meet the day after the Cinderella ride. Starting from Wells School in Dublin we headed over Windemere to Blackhawk and then continued to Livorna Park before returning through Danville and San Ramon.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Redwood Park hike 2018-04-11 14.3 km8.9 mi 4h:30m 17 photos


Outing of Wilma's Wednesday Hikers in Redwood Park. We started from the Canyon Meadows Staging area and took the Stream trail up to Skyline Gate, then West Ridge over to Redwood Bowl for our snack stop. We continued to the Chown trail and then returned on Bridal and Stream trails.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Overlook to Briones Staging areas 2018-03-27 12.1 km7.5 mi 2h:57m 16 photos


Out-and-back hike by the Tuesday 'U-Turn' group starting at the Overlook staging area off Bear Creek Rd. and heading to the Briones parking lot for our snack break before returning.

Cliff Dutton Cliff Dutton Skiing Norway at Mt Tom 2018-03-19 13.7 km8.5 mi 2h:11m 10 photos

Corduroy in the tamaracks. Tamarack trail. Rest stop. Skate and foot traffic. Map

Having many classic ski trips under my belt over the winter I finally felt in good enough shape to try a skate trip at Mt Tom. I assumed very crowded trails with these stellar and rare conditions but to my surprise I was perhaps the third skater since last grooming. I crossed paths with 2 skiers and as many walkers.

Cliff Dutton Cliff Dutton Skiiing the Upper Trails at Wild Wings with Roxane 2018-03-10 12.1 km7.5 mi 2h:42m 6 photos


Over Thursday and Friday Wild wings got 20” of new snow which was enough to cover wet spots that had been appearing. Wild Wings groomed it up to perfection by Saturday and it was wonderful. The snow was warm and a bit sticky and slow but the trails got more and more packed by traffic so the glide was consistent over the day. I got there before Roxane and got my gear and myself ready.

Marijn Rolf Marijn Rolf Torres del Paine - day 1 2018-03-01 14 km8.7 mi 5h:27m 20 photos

Weather forecast: strong wind (gusts) Refugio Paine Grande Map

After arrival by catamaran at Refugio Paine Grande we hiked to Refugio Grey along the east side of Lago Grey. After checking in at Refugio Grey, we made a short additional hike to Mirador Glaciar Grey.

Cliff Dutton Cliff Dutton Trying out the new skis! 2018-02-13 12.4 km7.7 mi 1h:47m 4 photos

Styles Brook from the bridge. The new-to-me used skis. Even a green fern! Signs of spring in February! Map

A late start at Wild Wings Ski Tourning Center but a great ski. I met with Chuck in the shop and he said it was a klister day. I didn’t have any so used the hardwares I had. Actually I had the opportunity to use 3 different ones because as Chuck predicted they came off on the abrasive granular snow.