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Recent Trips

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Herman Shum Memorial Ride 2018-01-06 73.7 km45.8 mi 3h:39m 13 photos

Joining the IC3 group in Pleasanton Starting out down Amador Valley rd. Map

3rd annual celebration ride in remembrance of Herman Shum by the International Christian Cycling Club and the Valley Spokesmen. A group of us rode from Dublin to the ride start in downtown Pleasanton. The ride then headed over to Livermore and took the roads north of town over to Camino Tassajara before returning to Pleasanton.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Tilden Little Farm - Jewel and Anza Lakes hike 2018-01-03 14 km8.7 mi 4h:49m 22 photos


Outing of Wilma's Wednesday Hikers starting from the LIttle Farm area of Tilden Park. We first headed over to Jewel Lake, then meandered over to Lake Anza for our lunch stop. After lunch we circled the lake before returning to Little Farm and stopping in to pick up the new Trail Challenge shirts.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Hike around Briones Reservoir 2018-01-02 21.9 km13.6 mi 4h:26m 18 photos

Start from Briones Overlook staging area Map

Outing of the 'Tuesday U-Turn' group starting from the Briones Overlook staging area and circumnavigating the reservoir. This hike is on EBMUD land and one of their hiking permits is required although it can be shared among several hikers.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Danville - Diablo Summit 2018-01-01 46.5 km28.9 mi 4h:08m 26 photos

View of our destination from Diablo Rd. Start from the RR museum in Danville Map

Valley Spokesmen annual ride to the summit of Mt. Diablo on New Years Day. Beautiful weather for it this year with warmer temperatures at the top than down in town.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann San Ramon - Sunol - Pleasanton 2017-12-30 53.8 km33.4 mi 2h:42m 7 photos

Sunol RR station Start from Shannon Center Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride starting from Shannon Center in Dublin and heading south to Sunol. At that point some headed up Kikare Rd., some took Niles Canyon over to Palomares Rd., and some of us returned on Pleasanton-Sunol Rd. to Pleasanton and Dublin.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann San Ramon - Las Trampas - Danville 2017-12-29 43.9 km27.3 mi 3h:24m 9 photos

Las Trampas Park Norris Canyon Rd. Start from San Ramon Central Park Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride held on odd-numbered Fridays from San Ramon Central Park. Today we headed west on Norris Canyon to Bollinger and then north to Las Trampas at the end of the paved road. After a regroup we returned to Norris Canyon and took the Blvd. up to Danville for refreshments at Basque Boulangerie before returning on the Iron Horse trail.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Danville Hap Magee to Macedo Ranch Hike 2017-12-26 14.3 km8.9 mi 3h:23m 16 photos


Outing of the 'Tuesday U-turn' hiking group starting from Hap Magee Park in Danville and taking East Bay Regional Park trails through area neighborhoods to Macedo Ranch on the foothills of Mt. Diablo.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Merry Christmas Ride from Diablo Vista - Livermore 2017-12-25 65.7 km40.8 mi 3h:27m 8 photos

Rest stop at Starbucks on Vineyard Regroup at Highland & Tassajara Ring around the sun from Diablo Vista Gathering at Diablo Vista Park Map

Christmas ride of the Valley Spokesmen club starting from Diablo Vista Park in Danville and heading over to Livermore with a stop at the Starbucks on Vineyard. Our return took us into Pleasanton on Vineyard and then through the BART station into Dublin. The club ride continued through Windemere back to the start, but my route here stayed on the Iron Horse trail to get back home.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann San Ramon - Livermore ride 2017-12-23 82.2 km51.1 mi 4h:18m 7 photos

turn onto Highland Start from Canyon Lakes at top of Bollinger Cyn. Rd. Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride starting from Canyon Lakes golf course at the top of Bollinger Canyon and heading out to Livermore via Camino Tassajara/Highland/Livermore/May School/Vasco with a stop at Starbucks. We returned via Portola and Collier Canyon.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann San Ramon - 5 Canyons 2017-12-20 59.1 km36.7 mi 3h:35m 11 photos

View from 5 Cyns. Pkwy across from the fire station Top of Castro Valley Blvd. Regroup at Dublin Hills park in Schaefer Ranch Start from the Bollinger Cyn. Park&Ride Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride starting from the Bollinger Canyon Park&Ride and heading past the Schaefer Ranch development down Dublin Canyon into Castro Valley and then up into the Five Canyons area of Hayward. Our return took us past the Hayward campus with a stop at the Starbucks on Center St. in Castro Valley and then over Dublin grade into Pleasanton.