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Lake 'O Hara 2014-07-15 11.1 km6.9 mi 4h:11m 15 photos

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Plain of the 6 Glaciers 2014-07-14 19 km11.8 mi 7h:22m 13 photos

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Eiffel Lake 2014-07-12 12.2 km7.6 mi 4h:14m 6 photos

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Grinnell Glacier - Grinnell Lake 2014-07-08 9.8 km6.1 mi 3h:22m 19 photos

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please note that we could not go all the way to the Grinnell Glacier.  The trail was closed due to snowfields.We did walk all the way back to Many Glacier, but took the boot on Lake Josephine and Swiftcurrent Lake.

Broken Bow Arch - Escalante 2014-04-08 8.6 km5.4 mi 4h:15m 18 photos

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for more info, see our blog at

White Domes - Canaan Mountain 2014-04-06 9.9 km6.2 mi 4h:24m 23 photos

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Zion NP - Taylor Creek Trail 2014-04-05 10.1 km6.3 mi 2h:05m 6 photos

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One of the few official trails in the Kolob Canyons section of Zion NP.  An easy 5-mile roundtrip with a great reward at the end : Double Arch Alcove.See also our blog at http://kalaman0032maa2014.blogspot.

South Kaibab Trail (Cedar Ridge) 2013-12-27 5.1 km3.2 mi 2h:18m 9 photos

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The South Kaibab Trail begins south of Yaki Point on Yaki Point Road.
Access to the trailhead is by shuttle bus (Kaibab Trail Route). Offers
day hikes that range in distance up to 6 miles (round trip). Best views
for a relatively short hike. Steep trail, no water, little shade.

Chesler Park - Canyonlands NP 2013-12-23 13.9 km8.7 mi 5h:30m 34 photos

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A fantastic hike in a fairytale winter landscape.  A whole day all alone, just the three of us.  The plan was to go also to Druid Arch but a Ranger we met before we came at the Elephant Hill Trailhead warned us that the last 500 feet might be very dangerous and maybe even impassable due to ice.  We didn't take the risk and decided to do the hike to Druid Arch next April (2014).

False Kiva 2013-12-22 3.2 km2 mi 1h:09m 15 photos

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a rather easy hike to a very remarkable place, the False Kiva.  Do pay attention to the waypoints, because otherwise there is a big chance you will end at the edge of the cliff...200 meters above False Kiva...Please do respect that ancient place, leave everything intact and do not leave any can find a lot more pictures on our blog at http://kalaman0032dec2013.blogspot.

A day arround The Wave - Coyote Buttes North 2013-12-18 12.4 km7.7 mi 6h:43m


For the second time in 8 months we won The Lottery for this hike to The Wave, an iconic spot in the Coyote Buttes North.For a complete report, please feel free to check our blog at blog is in Dutch, but there is a Google-translate button.If you only want to see the pictures, you can check our Flickr page at

Trail to Mauchelealm - Zaunhof Hairlach 2013-08-12 7.1 km4.4 mi 3h:04m 10 photos

Route down to Boden. Pitztal. Mauchele Alm. Map

A moderate long and steep route to Mauchele Alm (1830m). Start from Zaunhof Moosbrücke (1266m) and follow the signs uphill the paved road. After some switchbacks you will reach Rehwald. From there the road goes over into a dirt road. It's about 400m up in elevation from this point. The road is in some sections very steep and long stretches are in the sun so keep that in mind.

Trail to Mandarfen via Taschachhaus. 2013-08-11 17.9 km11.1 mi 5h:33m 26 photos

Taschachtal. Taschachtal. Follow the left arrow. Begin of Trail. Map

A long and moderate hike to the Taschachhaus. You first have to take the Rifflsee Bergbahn to the Rifflsee. From here you will take the Fuldaer Höhenweg all the way until you reach the Taschachhaus. It's about 8.8km to the Hütte. About 1.5km before you reach the Hütte you have to make a moderate detour because a recent landslide destroyed a big part of the old route.

Trail to Mittelberg via Mittagskogel. 2013-08-10 6.9 km4.3 mi 4h:20m 33 photos

Old route to the Mittagskogel. Advised to take this route. Mittelferner. Route to Mittagskogel. Begin of Trail. Map

A very difficult and dangerous hike to Mittelberg. The trail to the Mittagskogel is not that hard, it's the part from the Mittagskogel to Mittelberg that is very difficult. The hike to the Mittagskogel is very rewarding when you reach the summit; you'll be rewarded with a 360° view of the surrounding mountains and glaciers.

Plodersee Loop 2013-08-09 6.7 km4.2 mi 3h:23m 11 photos

photo4.jpg photo3.jpg photo2.jpg Begin and end of loop. Map

A scenic loop that takes you to the Plodersee. The first part is relatively easy, it just follows the Rifflsee until you get at the junction with the Riffelsee loop (left) and to the Plodersee (right). From here the path gets harder, both from the moderate and constant ascent and from the uneven terrain; the path is full of little and large rocks.

Hike to Stuibenwasserfall. 2013-08-08 3.6 km2.2 mi 1h:12m 7 photos

photo4.jpg 10 min. to the fall. Follow the upper arrow. Begin of Trail. Map

A short but moderate hike to the Stuibenwasserfall. I recommend to start this hike from the Jerzens Feuerwehr bus stop, this way the ascent is a lot easier. It's around 40 min. to the falls and 20 min. back down.

Trail to Braunschweiger Hütte from Gletscherbahn 2013-08-07 8.8 km5.5 mi 4h:45m 31 photos

Difficult crossing over the glacier. Mittelberg Glacier. photo2.jpg Begin of Trail. Map

Long, scenic hike to Mittelberg via the Braunschweiger Hütte. The first part can be dangerous as the path leads you over the Mittelbergferner (Glacier). Then the trail follows an easy route to the Hütte. The route from the Hütte to Mittelberg is very strenuous and in some parts very steep downhill. Be cautious! You will have to use artificial stairs (ropes).

Rifflsee Route to Mandarfen 2013-08-05 7.2 km4.5 mi 3h:59m 5 photos

photo4.jpg photo3.jpg photo2.jpg photo1.jpg Map

A nice and easy hike alongside the shores of the Rifflesee. The hike starts at the cable car next to the Sonna Alm. The tracked route goes to the Riffleseehütte where you can enjoy the nice view. You then take route 926, which takes you back to Mandarfen. It's about 3hrs to do the complete hike but it can vary of course due to the number of stops you make to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Trail to Upper Joffre Lake (and back). 2013-07-12 7.4 km4.6 mi 3h:17m 11 photos

photo6.jpg photo4.jpg photo5.jpg photo3.jpg Map

This beautiful trail will take you to the three Joffre Lakes. You already reach he Lower Lake after a mere 300m. From here you can already see the Matier Glacier, which forms the three lakes. The Middle Lake requires a lot more effort to reach; you will have to follow a very, in some places extreme, steep path uphill. You will then reach the Middle Joffre Lake.

Trail from Moul Waterfall to Trailhead 2013-07-10 2.6 km1.6 mi 0h:36m 3 photos

photo3.jpg photo2.jpg photo1.jpg Map

Just the route back to the trailhead. Quite a steep ascent for the first 500m.

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