Chesler Park - Canyonlands NP

Date 2013-12-23
Distance 13.9 km8.7 mi
Duration 5h:30m
Photos 34

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A fantastic hike in a fairytale winter landscape.  A whole day all alone, just the three of us.  The plan was to go also to Druid Arch but a Ranger we met before we came at the Elephant Hill Trailhead warned us that the last 500 feet might be very dangerous and maybe even impassable due to ice.  We didn't take the risk and decided to do the hike to Druid Arch next April (2014).Please feel free to check our blog of this great day at  There you find also a link to our Flickrpage (

It should be very hot here in summer, so take, at least, 1 gallon water per person.  Use sunblocker and wear a hat.  The sun can be cruel in this area.We did the hike on December 23th in a lot of ice and snow, but as soon as we were in the sun (there was no wind at all) the temperature was great and did a great part of the hike in T-shirt.