Trail to Mandarfen via Taschachhaus.

Date 2013-08-11
Distance 17.9 km11.1 mi
Duration 5h:33m
Photos 26

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A long and moderate hike to the Taschachhaus. You first have to take the Rifflsee Bergbahn to the Rifflsee. From here you will take the Fuldaer Höhenweg all the way until you reach the Taschachhaus. It's about 8.8km to the Hütte. About 1.5km before you reach the Hütte you have to make a moderate detour because a recent landslide destroyed a big part of the old route. The new route climbs very quickly uphill, making it a moderate ascent. When you arrive at the Hütte you can enjoy the wonderful scenery. When you're ready to leave again, the path follows a quick route down the remains of the glacier. Again you have to make a moderate detour via a very steep moraine. After that the path follows an easy route down to the base of the cargo cable car station of the Hütte. From there the path follows a well-maintained dirt road to Mandarfen.

- Always be prepared for changing weather, especially in these high alpine
areas. Even on a clear day, the weather can change suddenly!- Be prepared for a long hiking day, 18km requires some experience from before.