Trail to Mittelberg via Mittagskogel.

Date 2013-08-10
Distance 6.9 km4.3 mi
Duration 4h:20m
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A very difficult and dangerous hike to Mittelberg. The trail to the Mittagskogel is not that hard, it's the part from the Mittagskogel to Mittelberg that is very difficult. The hike to the Mittagskogel is very rewarding when you reach the summit; you'll be rewarded with a 360° view of the surrounding mountains and glaciers. You can then take the new route back down until you reach the junction with the route to Mittelberg and the route back to where you came from. The route to Mittelberg is marked as "Only for experienced hikers", well now I can only agree with that statement. Not only is the first kilometer extremely steep, it's also a very dangerous descent. Basically the trail consists only of loose rock and steep grades. So this trail is ONLY for experienced hikers! Then it gets a bit better but when you take the final descent to Mittelberg it only gets even worse. The trail is not maintained anymore which results in very narrow paths which are completely overgrown with grasses and plants. This section is again very dangerous and extremely steep. You can twist your ankle very easy here so be very careful and take your time! Another obstacle you'll encounter are the roots of the trees that you'll come across near the end of the trail. You'll be happy when you finally reach the end of the trail :)

*Last part was not tracked properly due to high forest vegetation.*- Always be prepared for changing weather, especially in these high alpine areas. Wind can suddenly start to blow, decreasing the current temperature rapidly.- The entire route from the base of the Mittagskogel (after the ascent) to Mittelberg is *NOT* recommended! We did this trail because we had no idea of its difficulity. If you do want to hike this trail be prepared for extremely steep grades, loose rocks, dangerous sections, long periods of descents and unmaintained trails.- Also bring enough water and food along with you as there are no Hütten along the route.