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Spring Creek Canyon 2014-09-17 9.3 km5.8 mi 1h:57m 24 photos

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Bike Ride To Monrovian Park 2014-08-05 17.7 km11 mi 1h:23m


Kanarra Canyon 2013-05-11 10.7 km6.6 mi 4h:11m 100 photos

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We took the 11-year-old Scouts from our ward (Troop 601) hiking up Kanarra Canyon for our May activity. On the trip were Jeremy Dye, Clancy Black, Domonic Arochi, and Dylan Prince.For more information on this hike, see http://dyeclan.

Richfield Rock Art 2013-03-20 1.6 km1 mi 0h:37m 15 photos

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We took the 11-year-old Scouts on this hike to see the petroglyphs above Richfield, UT.

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Cohab Canyon To TOTGA 2013-03-16 5.1 km3.2 mi 1h:53m 87 photos

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We tried to take the Scouts through a non-technical slot canyon called TOTGA (The One That Got Away). However, when we got to the canyon top, we realized that the canyon was too difficult for our group. So we returned the way we came and instead explored Betrothed Canyon and several of the Cohab Canyon side canyons from the bottom. 

Pictures, videos, and description at http://dyeclan.

Cassidy Arch Canyon 2013-02-23 3.6 km2.2 mi 1h:54m 100 photos

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We decided to do Cassidy Arch Canyon to see if it was appropriate to take the boy scouts on. Turns out it isn't a good canyon for scouts, but it is an awesome canyon and a whole lot of fun.On the trip were Jeremy Dye, Ray Schofield, Tracy Nielson, and Zac Nielson.We got to the trailhead at around 10:00 and finished at 2:45 for a total trip time of 4 hours 45 minutes.

Conglomerate Canyons 2013-02-16 3.4 km2.1 mi 1h:33m 29 photos

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These two canyons are named after a large conglomerate cliff in the second right-hand tributary to Cottonwood Creek and a large conglomerate boulder field in the third right-hand tributary to Cottonwood Creek. A coworker recommended these canyons to us.We drove as far as we dared (2WD on a muddy road) then pulled over and parked on the side of the road.We soon came across three lime kilns.

Richfield Pioneer Kilns 2013-02-16 0.6 km0.4 mi 0h:15m 22 photos

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Big Water Slot Canyon 2012-10-12 2 km1.2 mi 0h:24m 8 photos

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Big Water Slot Canyon is located between Big Water, Utah and Page, Arizona. It is just north of Blue Pools Canyon. Big Water Slot Canyon is a small canyon that starts right underneath Highway 89 and goes to the east.At the start of the canyon (and in several other places), there are lots of plants you'll have to push through.This is the first drop from above. I climbed down on RDC.

Diana's Throne Canyon 2012-10-10 3.9 km2.4 mi 1h:57m 51 photos

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We decided to explore Dianas Throne Canyon on our way to Lake Powell. I found the canyon on Average Joe Road Trips, but I didn't want to purchase the guide, so we did the canyon with basically no beta. I had read that the canyon was pretty easy but that it may have some rappels near the top. So we decided to explore the canyon from the bottom.

Richfield Rock Art Hike 2012-10-03 1.6 km1 mi 1h:00m 27 photos

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As one of our activities at the 2012 Burnett family reunion, we hiked to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. Most of the people took the shuttle across Jenny Lake, but several of us chose to walk around the lake instead.We started at the Jenny Lake Trailhead, which is where people get on the boats.The signs point to Hidden Falls and Cascade Canyon.A boat launch.No pets. No bicycles.At 43°44'54.

Lower Pine Creek 2012-06-22 1.5 km0.9 mi 0h:39m 14 photos

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The trailhead for Lower Pine Creek is the first (bottom) switchback.The trail is not maintained or listed on any park maps, but it is easy to find and follow.Pine Creek flows year-round and comes from a spring near the base of the Great Arch. Seasonal runoff can increase the flow dramatically.You'll have to cross Pine Creek a couple of times.

Canyon Overlook 2012-06-22 1.5 km1 mi 0h:18m 18 photos

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The trail crosses slickrock slabs of the high desert, a scene of pinyon pine and juniper, prickly peark, and yucca. Here the only plants and animals that thrive, like lizzards and bighorn sheep, have adapted to hot and dry.The hike is also an exercise in scale.

Bullion Canyon 2012-06-09 5.4 km3.4 mi 0h:55m 68 photos

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Canyon of Gold Driving TourCross the veil of time and discover the secrets of a canyon riddled with gold and the saga of men who sought her riches.Since the earliest days of human civilization, gold has enticed the souls of most mortal men.Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold! Bright and yellow, hard and cold Molten, graven, hammered rolled, Heavy to get and light to hold.

Alpine Pond Trail 2012-06-09 12.3 km7.6 mi 2h:55m 102 photos

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Welcome. As you walk this trail, this leaflet will help you to understand the relationships between rocks, weather, soil, plants and animals – and how those elements are working together to make Cedar Breaks so special. While you are hiking you will join in this ecosystem and become a part of the inter-relationships we will explore in this brochure.

Neato Canyon 2012-06-07 2.7 km1.7 mi 1h:34m 20 photos

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We hiked this unnamed canyon for a stake activity. On the trip were Gary and Nedra Curtis, and Jeremy, Tara, and Savannah Dye.

Oak Flat Loop Trail 2012-04-22 3.3 km2.1 mi 1h:04m 21 photos

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The Oak Flat Loop trail is a 2-mile loop along the rim of the Black Canyon. When we went in April, much of the trail was covered in snow. The trail was pretty and had a good view of the canyon, but it wasn't as amazing as some of the other trails we've been on.

Painted Wall Lookout 2012-04-21 0.4 km0.3 mi 0h:05m 14 photos

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The Painted Wall Overlook in Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is a short, 200-yard stroll from the parking area. At 2,250 feet tall, the Painted Wall is the tallest cliff in Colorado. Signs at the lookout explain the white pegmatite intrusions and several of the bird species in the park. 

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Warner Point Nature Trail 2012-04-21 3.7 km2.3 mi 1h:08m 67 photos

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The Warner Point Trail trailhead is located at High Point (38°33'44.91"N, 107°44'31.21"W), which has restrooms and picnic tables. The hike is 1373 yards (0.78 miles).This self-guided trail is a moderate 1.4-mile round-trip walk through a pleasant pinyon pine/juniper forest. It follows the ridge and has several short, steep up-and-down sections.

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