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Don Kaeo - Tambon Mae Raem 2015-08-16 19.8 km12.3 mi 7h:54m


Baan Doi Pui to Doi Pui summit circular Hike 2015-07-12 9.7 km6.1 mi 5h:06m 19 photos

meant to take a photo of the flower and screwed up the focus. Some steep climbs. View of Doi Inthanon Map

A really fun, hike with good group from the Doi Pui mountain village up to the peak of Doi Suthep and around to the village from another direction. We had steep climbs, lots of leeches as well as heavy rain and enjoyed every minute.

The hike was a loop but I failed to turn off my tracking which explains the leg at the bottom of the map.

Tambon Don Kaeo 2015-07-05 5.7 km3.5 mi 2h:56m 2 photos


Tambon Mae Raem 2015-05-24 7.6 km4.7 mi 2h:47m 21 photos

Near the peak is a large section of trees that have all been wrapped with sashes.  The sign states that they've all be made monks and are sacred. We'll be heading up this hill. Beginning of hike, the group gathers round. Group meeting point. 700 Year Stadium.  Map location is wrong. Map

To get away from the heat, our group began in a nearby mountain village, Moncham. We were soon enjoying beautiful views and the low clouds provided a nice, moody mist for the hike. Please not that the meeting point and lunch spot are improperly listed on the map. A limitation of the site I guess.

Tambon Mae Chedi Mai - Tambon Pa Miang 2015-05-17 4.8 km3 mi 3h:48m 19 photos

Steep climbs but a lot of enthusiasm. These were the views in store for us. We stepped over a railing and onto this narrow path along the side of a hill. Map

Tambon Mae Raem 2015-05-03 12.6 km7.8 mi 5h:27m 34 photos

At the bottom of this hill, you'll switchback.  Don't go into the marked private property in front of you. First farm peeking through the trees. First of many creatures we stumbled across. Trailhead.  Park in the empty area to the left and start up this road to the right. Map

Nice 5 1/2 hour hike through jungle and occasional farms. Lots of little critters and interesting plants to see. This is located on the road north of Mon Cham so you need to turn off before the MonCham road and loop around the back. Bring plenty of water because it is hot. If you're lucky you'll have some cloud cover and that means you should have some sort of rain protection.

Pilgrim's Diversion 2015-05-02 2.9 km1.8 mi 1h:03m 4 photos

Trailhead A little canyon on the trail. This tree was still burning. People burn the forrest floor every year, apparently for harvesting mushrooms. Map

Short, 1 hour hike starting at the trailhead of the Pilgrim's Trail hike. A different hike to change things up from the Palaad version. Leaves cover the trail quite a bit so make sure you're staying on it. This time of year there's a good stretch of burned area. The cut back from one road to the other near the end requires that you walk around a fence. Just look for the opening.

Up the Creek 2015-05-01 5.8 km3.6 mi 3h:03m 5 photos

Vine desperately holding up tree.  Assume that it will crush the life out of it later. Last Waterfall on the trail.  Most people visit this by walking down from Doi Suthep Temple. Monthathan Waterfall.  You come out to a road then get back on a trail to get to here. Nice little pool along the way.  If you're lucky, there will be butterflies feeding in the sand.  Really lucky?  Lots of them. Map

This is a very nice, 3 hour hike from the first rest stop on the road to Doi Suthep Temple, to the Temple itself. You can park just below the zoo and follow the same creek for an extra 20 minutes or so but we drove to here for time. The trail is pretty well marked except for a couple of spots that had us turning around a little.

Chiang Mai 2015-04-28 2.8 km1.7 mi 1h:30m 4 photos


Chiang Mai 2015-04-27 2.7 km1.7 mi 0h:58m 5 photos


Tambon Huai Kaeo 2015-04-19 9.8 km6.1 mi 5h:14m 23 photos


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