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New Year's Paddle - Six Mile Solitude 2016-01-01 8.5 km5.3 mi 2h:09m 7 photos

King & the Bear pump house where Mill Creek enters Six Mile Creek Second of two docks on this creek I have to explore this when the water is higher, tides will help. First of the docks Map

Start the year at zero miles, was planning on 6 miles today, but a huge gator stopped me at the 2.5 mile point on Six Mile Creek. I had just passed the grassy take out on Pointed Creek Reserve when the saplings began swaying like monkeys jumping on the Silver River.....

Trout Creek, Rt 13 Orangedale FL 2015-12-30 8.8 km5.4 mi 1h:46m 12 photos


Just out looking for gators and wildlife - went pretty far under 16A till water was too low.

Saint Augustine 2015-12-30 0.5 km0.3 mi 0h:07m 1 photo


Winter Paddle on Deep Creek, Hastings FL 2015-12-27 14.9 km9.3 mi 3h:55m 6 photos

Rest stop on the creek Map

Meet up on my favorite creek.

Orange City 2015-12-06 12.3 km7.6 mi 3h:09m 3 photos


Key West 2015-11-02 1.4 km0.9 mi 0h:24m


Pair of brothers on Palmo Cove 2015-09-01 13.8 km8.5 mi 3h:40m 7 photos

Way deep in a finger creek near Six Mile Creek Somewhere on the south side of Palmo Cove Map

My brother Scott came to visit. After much food and drink, we wanted to paddle, but we had plenty of rain. Today was a pleasant surprise so we put in at Trout Creek and headed out to the cove and river. Along the way we saw and heard manatee and spotted two gators.

Trout Creek with Emily Herman 2015-08-16 7.6 km4.7 mi 2h:02m 4 photos


Deep Creek with Kayak St. Augustine 2015-07-25 5.7 km3.6 mi 1h:44m 6 photos


19 people, 18 boats and one missing scupper plug! What a great morning after the Friday rains. Water levels very high, lots of fish activity but the Bull of the Creek gator was nowhere to be found!. Shot 3 hour leisurely paddle.

Panama City Beach - Panama City 2015-07-15 21 km13 mi 2h:48m 1 photo


Full Moon over Jacksonville 2015-07-01 8.3 km5.2 mi 2h:10m 15 photos

A surprise in trash strewn McCoys Creek Map

10 paddlers trying a new spot to enjoy the full moon. We put in at the boat ramp next to River City and paddled across and around downtown, including two urban creeks, McCoy and Hogan. Urban creeks = drainage and trash collectors. I normally try to leave the areas I paddle cleaner than I found the. In this instance I opened not to as I would need a barge and protective gear.

Sunday on Six Mile Creek 2015-06-28 3.1 km1.9 mi 0h:50m 6 photos


A slow Sunday paddle with Mark and Brendan. Brendan spotted a manatee. We saw a large gator, at least 8 feet, and a smaller 3 footer. Finished up at Outback Crab Shack for some wings.

Presidential Paddle On The Wekiva River 2015-02-16 29.7 km18.5 mi 6h:31m 8 photos

pic_103.jpg pic_102.jpg pic_101.jpg pic_100.jpg Map

Wekiva state park to High Banks on the St.

Manatee Encounters of The Close kind 2014-11-07 13.8 km8.6 mi 4h:40m 35 photos

P1020539.JPG P1020538.JPG P1020537.JPG P1020535.JPG Map

This was a group kayak with the Florida kayak meetup before they close the spring's to paddlers. We saw many manatees and babies. Afterwards we possess out Snake Creek to find some dry land fir lunch. Weather was perfect and not a cloud in the sky. Meet some really great people and some other hurricane kayak fans too.

October Quest to the end of 6 mile 2014-10-19 10.8 km6.7 mi 3h:01m 2 photos

The end of Mill Creek as far as we could go End of the line? Map

There weather was perfect 60 degrees, and the water calm,so we packed a saw in the kayaks to see if we could paddle past the obstacles.

The tide was low and we were only able to get as far as a large downed tree on the back end off 6 mile..we did get out at a sandy launch way back there. We walked quite awhile in rather high ground that were think is part of Pointed Creek.

6 Mile Creek Side Tour 2014-08-10 9.5 km5.9 mi 2h:32m 5 photos

Deep inside Six Mile Creek P1020505.JPG P1020504.JPG P1020513.JPG Map

Three brothers head out for a paddle on Six Mile Creek and get side tracked on a tributary,. We get rained on wet,and have a beer at Outback Crab Shack while watching a jet board demonstration.

Bio luminescence At Merritt Island 2014-07-25 6.6 km4.1 mi 2h:12m


Headed south to see what the glow was all about

Six Mile To The End 2014-07-06 9.9 km6.1 mi 2h:15m 18 photos

P1020487.JPG P1020486.JPG P1020482.JPG P1020481.JPG Map

Took my brother in law Larry out to Six Mile Creek for a Sunday paddle. After a long hot week with some of hurricane Arthur passing us by. We paddle Six Mile Creek under clear blue skies clear weather, and a welcome break in humidity. I wanted to go as far as we could and we did.

Gregory Family Reunion Boating 2014-06-27 57.7 km35.8 mi 3h:52m 5 photos

Heading north to Villano pic_35.jpg pic_33.jpg pic_38.jpg Map

Just a four hour tour of Saint Augustine intra-coastal by boat ending at the Matanzas beach area. Rented a pontoon boat from Vilano Beach, captained by Jari Steinborn and first mate Nicole. We cruised the area around old Saint Augustine and headed south to Matanzaz Inlet passing  several pods of dolphins and Fort Matanzas.

Up Haw Creek With 3 Paddlers 2014-04-18 12.3 km7.7 mi 3h:01m 20 photos

P1020444.JPG P1020443.JPG P1020442.JPG P1020441.JPG Map

We ventured to a new location after losing out to bad weather for the full moon paddles. Haw Creek sounded like the place to go with my friend Chris and a newer yakker, Mindy.Tucked away in western Flagler County lies Haw Creek Preserve, a 1,005-acre tract of land bordering Haw Creek for about two miles on its southern boundary.

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