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Labor Day Solo Paddle 2017-09-04 14.3 km8.9 mi 3h:37m 4 photos


Still can't launch at Outback Crab Shack so I launched over at Trout Creek and paddled over. Six Mile still has trees down so I could not make all the way back more than a1/4 past the pump house. Saw three hungry manatees chowing down at the Outback dock, several turtles and two gators, including a 10 footer cruising across 6 Mile.

Saint Augustine 2017-07-06 4.1 km2.5 mi 0h:55m


Naarden 2017-06-21 18.2 km11.3 mi 2h:04m


St. Augustine 2017-05-29 10.4 km6.5 mi 1h:43m


Pancakes, Paddling and Ponce De Leon Springs 2017-04-20 14.2 km8.8 mi 3h:07m 20 photos

Table-side pancakes? 5-grain yum!! Map

What a great throwback Thursday. Met up with my favorite pancake partner, my daughter Erika for a kayak trip at De Leon Springs, Fl. Starter was cooking our own pancakes tableside at the Old Spanish Sugar Mill, then a nice 8.8-mile paddle.

Winter Day Paddle on the Ichetucknee - Fort White, FL 2017-02-16 12.1 km7.5 mi 3h:59m 33 photos


Met us with a new Meetup group for my first paddle on the Ichetucknee. Great winter day about 68 degrees and blue skies. 6 Paddlers, 7 miles, 3 manatee, 100's of turtles and 1000 gar.

Nightime Paddle St. Augustine 2017-01-30 5.6 km3.5 mi 1h:39m


View the light from the bayfront at sea level!

Rio Añasco - MayagüezPR with Larry 2017-01-11 7.4 km4.6 mi 2h:00m 9 photos


Ocean to rough to kayak so we grabbed a canoe and headed to a nearby river. Wildlife was limited to birds and iguanas. As big as they were, nearly 5 feet long, they would perch at the end of the branches. Occasionally we spooked them and they would fall out of the trees.

Peter's Creek Green Cove Springs 2016 2016-12-30 9.2 km5.7 mi 1h:59m 13 photos

where's the water? Beautiful dock - NOT kayak friendly Map

Get a buddy and take him to a new creek! Best way to paddle!

Julington Creek 2016-12-29 12.1 km7.5 mi 2h:33m 2 photos


Took Alex to a new Creek for him. Nice winter day about 75 degrees. Put in at Palmetto Leaves Park and paddled to Clarks and back. Met 6 other yakers and two boats.

Post Matthew Exploration of Trout Creek 2016-12-13 11.6 km7.2 mi 2h:54m 9 photos


Believe It or Not Trout Creek open with no obstruction all the way to the 16A bridge. My brother Scott and I continued on for another mile and a half going further on Trout Creek than I ever have and probably most other people. It was a beautiful December day 75 degrees and sunny.

In search of manatees - SUCCESS Blue Springs FL 2016-11-13 8 km5 mi 2h:41m 8 photos


Finally got Erika to experience manatees, up close and personal!

Post Matthew Exploration of Six Mile Creek 2016-11-05 7.4 km4.6 mi 1h:10m


Hurricane Matthew hit St Johns County on October 7, 2016. High water from a weeklong Noreaster was followed by this slow moving hurricane. Water levels in the St Johns were at record high levels and forced flooding of Outback Crab Shack which is currently still closed. The main channel of Six Mile Creek is easily navigable by kayak and boats to the pump house at Mill Creek.

St. Augustine 2016-09-18 9.6 km6 mi 1h:46m


Jacksonville 2016-09-05 13.6 km8.5 mi 2h:55m


Deep into Deep Creek, Hastings FL 2016-08-12 18.7 km11.6 mi 4h:35m 24 photos

The launch - paved to a sandy launch.Littered with the beer cans, loose mono-filament and a cast net. Why cant people manage their trash? Map

Final kayak exploration with my godson Alex. We put in at the ramp at 207 but went upstream until we could not get past a large tree, about 0.8 miles. We had to maneuver around lots of obstacles. We turned around and headed to the creek mouth out at the St Johns. This is a great creek with lots of shady areas, but only one place to exit the boats.

Monkey Search on the Silver River 2016-08-09 19 km11.8 mi 4h:42m 52 photos


Took my godson Alex out on his 3rd kayak trip during his visit. Moved him up to the 14' Tampico - he loved the speed compared to the guest barge he was using. We put in at the usual place at Ray's Wayside and paddled upstream in search of monkeys. The trip up river covered nearly 5.5 miles and we saw hundreds of turtles and a dozen or so alligators.

9 miles on Six Mile 2016-08-04 15.6 km9.7 mi 3h:25m 12 photos


Headed out on Six Mile Creek with my godson Alex today. We put in at Outback Crab Shack and headed out into Palmo Cove where we found the remains of a pirate ship!

We then headed back up the creek and found a fellow who landed in a amphibious ultralight aircraft. He stopped just to fish.

Trout Creek with Alex 2016-08-02 8.2 km5.1 mi 2h:15m 3 photos


Getting my godson in the kayak for the first time! Simple trip on Trout Creek, up to 16A and till we run out of water.

FSKme Trip Dunns Creek to Muphy's Island 2016-07-23 9.9 km6.1 mi 2h:32m 5 photos

Entering the creek first is always the best view Dunn's Creek Launch site at Rt 17, south side Early Morning - Tampico kayak at sunrise #HurricaneKayaks Map

New exploration along the Bartram Trail in Putman county.

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