March Madness on Snake Creek

Date 2016-03-12
Distance 12.6 km7.8 mi
Duration 3h:42m
Photos 8

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Met up with Erika for a paddle on the Saint Johns River near Blue Springs. No luck seeing manatees as the river warmed up this week. From French Street we paddled up the St Johns (south) through Snake Creek to Hontoon Dead River, south to Birdhouse Canal and back to the St Johns, north to the landing. We lost count of the alligators, many small from 1 - 3 feet, then a few 6-7 footers. We got out on the highest ground towards the end of Snake Creek for a lunch of Cuban sandwiches. We switched boats to see how Erika would do in the narrower Tampico for the second half. She did great and loved the rudder!

When we entered Birdhouse canal it was like driving through Oak Alley, picturesque. about 1/4 way in, we spooked a rather large gator, about 8 foot who was high and dry on the bank 3 feet above the water. Her ran about 15 feet before getting in the water. Pretty exciting to see how fast he was. Not Erika's favorite part of the trip, but 2016 has been my year for gator encounters of the kayak kind!

All in all a great day with my adult daughter on the water!!