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Yuetan and New World Market 2008-06-11 3.9 km2.4 mi 1h:53m 51 photos

Yuetan Yuetan Yuetan Yuetan Map

Walk outside the 2nd Ring Road in Beijing

Beijng by Foot #10 2008-06-09 22.8 km14.1 mi 4h:04m 75 photos

BeijingByFoot10 BeijingByFoot10 BeijingByFoot10 BeijingByFoot10 Map

Hutong Walk from Book "Beijing by Foot #10"

SFO to Beijing 2008-06-04 7948.3 km4938.8 mi 11h:45m 88 photos


United Non-stop from SFO to Beijing

Hike to Aloha and Jabu Lakes 1969-12-31 14.9 km9.2 mi 5h:18m 67 photos

Echo Lakes _MG_6177 Echo Lakes _MG_6140 Map

Water Taxi across both Upper and Lower Echo Lakes.   Hike the Pacific Crest trail to Lake Aloha.   Scrabble up a glacier moraine to Jabu Lake.   Then back down and out.

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Alex Woo Alex Woo
Trips 84
Photos 3737
Total distance 10711 km6655 mi
Max distance 7948 km4939 mi
Avg distance 128 km79 mi
Total duration 10 days 4h:53m
Max duration 22h:16m
Avg duration 2h:54m

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