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Klein Tuinkop traverse 2009-03-15 8.8 km5.5 mi 3h:48m 24 photos


Bel Ombre 2009-03-08 5.4 km3.4 mi 2h:21m 16 photos

Constantia below, Muizenberg Peak in the distance. Towards the rock scramble.... Another view...... View toward Orange Kloof. Map

After almost two weeks of intense heat, humidity and bush fires, finally some very welcome cooler weather..... Unfortunately with low clouds  and a howling South Easter, the views were non-existent.

Drive around town 2009-03-06 51.1 km31.8 mi 1h:45m 4 photos

pic3.JPG pic1.JPG pic2.JPG pic4.JPG Map

An afternoon drive around northern half of the Cape peninsula with two visiting colleagues from Sweden and the UK/Germany.

Steenberg buttress 2009-03-01 5.3 km3.3 mi 0h:26m


Devil's peak 2009-02-13 7.6 km4.7 mi 4h:48m 28 photos

The view back down to the Blockhouse. Scrambling up the first part of the climb. The Blockhouse View towards Table Mountain from Tafelberg road. Map

The classic climb of this mountain via Mowbray peak and the  "Knife edge", finishing with a 150m traverse just below the summit.

Disas galore!! 2009-02-06 6 km3.7 mi 3h:34m 32 photos

A wee bit of scrambling! Just before dropping into the ravine. Approaching Myburgh Waterfall Ravine. Early morning view to Hout Bay. Map

After finding Disas in Skeleton Gorge last week, we had to go looking again in one of the best places to find them - Myburgh's Waterfall Ravine. The harvest was abundant!!! More pictures from last year at

In search of Disas 2009-01-30 8.5 km5.3 mi 4h:36m 16 photos

Success!! A stunning Red Disa. Anne Marie climbing the ladders. ... and into the forest. View of the mountain from Kirstenbosch. Map

It's that time of year and the search is on for those elusive orchids that only flower for about five weeks a year. So you can imagine the surprise and delight to find a clump of them close to the path near the top of  Skeleton gorge!! From there it was to the dams and then back to Kirstenbosch gardens via Nursery ravine.

An afternoon and evening in Florence 2009-01-25 11.9 km7.4 mi 4h:36m 16 photos



Tranquility Cracks 2009-01-09 9.3 km5.8 mi 4h:47m 28 photos

View across to the other side of Slangolie ravine The steps near Slangolie ravine View back to Lion's Head ... and back to the Pipe Track Map

One of my all time favourites! This hike has everything. Spectacular Atlantic views, underground Yellowwood forests and rock formations that stimulate the imagination.

Diagonal route 2009-01-02 5.3 km3.3 mi 3h:10m 23 photos

The first balcony View of Lion's Head The sign marking the turn off View from the contour path Map

An excellent climb to the middle table for those who are tired of  Platteklip gorge and the crowds that zig zag their way to the top that way. Also great in hot weather because it is in the shade for much of the morning.....

Nature's valley 2008-12-21 8.9 km5.5 mi 2h:48m 8 photos

View back to the Valley The trailhead Fun on the lagoon View of beach and lagoon Map

An easy but beautiful walk around Nature's valley.

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