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Evening game drive at Sanbona 2012-09-30 47.2 km29.3 mi 3h:07m 18 photos


Sanbona is one of the top wilderness jewels in the Western Cape.

Chappies 2012-09-16 4.2 km2.6 mi 3h:33m 23 photos


Spring is here and there's no better way of kicking off the hiking season in Cape Town with a climb to one of the peninsula's best view points.

Klein Tuin Kop scramble 2012-05-06 8.3 km5.1 mi 3h:26m 22 photos


A little known treasure of a walk with spectacular views over False Bay and Noordhoek.

Giant's Causeway 2012-04-09 3.8 km2.3 mi 1h:23m 37 photos


One of the most amazing natural wonders of the world, with the added advantage of having Bushmills distillery, a stone's throw away!

Blinkwater Ravine 2012-03-18 10.9 km6.8 mi 6h:44m 34 photos


Officially this trail has been closed by Table Mountain National Park, but with some care it remains an exciting assent up the mountain, first to the lip of a 20 m waterfall and then up the river bed itself, above the falls (dry in summer). At the point where the gorge narrows and appears to reach a dead end, take a path up a series of ledges to the left.

Dark gorge 2012-03-11 7.4 km4.6 mi 5h:30m 38 photos


This is an interesting little gem of a gorge which is not that well known due to its proximity to Newlands Ravine, which is the standard way up to the Saddle from the Contour Path. Care must be taken near the top, which is very steep and should not be attempted after rain.

Our final game drive from Kichaka lodge 2012-03-01 30 km18.6 mi 3h:26m 16 photos

DSC_0434_2.jpg DSC_0396.jpg Map

A final search for "ingonyama" came to nothing. We found tracks suggesting that she and her cubs were sheltering in an impenetratable thicket of wattle .

Searching for lions - Kichaka lodge 2012-02-29 25.8 km16.1 mi 3h:24m 12 photos


Our third trip out in search of lion .... but again no luck. Excellent elephant sightings though.

Everything but lion - Kichaka lodge 2012-02-28 24.7 km15.4 mi 2h:28m 4 photos


The second evening out and while the rain came town, two cheetah closed our path - amazing!

Skeleton Gorge in Spring 2011-10-08 6.3 km3.9 mi 3h:22m 22 photos

Tree contortions The start of Skeleton Gorge View towards Devil's peak from upper Kirstenbosch And so… hiking season begins Map

Little Lion's Head 2011-07-31 2.2 km1.4 mi 1h:30m 11 photos


If you ever have a couple of hours to spare, head out to this little koppie overlooking the majestic Llandudno beach and Sandy Bay. Start by buzzing yourself through the security gate on Valley View Drive (off Mount  Rhodes Drive) and walk up to the top of the road to the mast and turn left up a well marked path.

Devils Peak 2011-05-01 7 km4.3 mi 5h:06m 46 photos


Another classic hike, for those who like a bit of a thrill and like looking down into big open spaces.

Bel Ombré 2011-04-25 4.9 km3.1 mi 2h:27m 7 photos


India Venster 2011-04-17 2.8 km1.7 mi 3h:20m 37 photos


Possibly among the best hikes in the world, India Venster is a must for any one with a sence of adventure. The tricky sections are now assisted by chains and staples, but even with this extra protection, do not attempt this hike if you are inexperienced and do not have a head for heights.

Myburgh Waterfall ravine 2011-03-06 6.5 km4 mi 4h:22m 27 photos


Magical as ever...

Blind gully 2011-02-27 5.3 km3.3 mi 4h:08m 32 photos


An exciting alternative route to the top of Table Mountain with spectacular Atlantic views.

Duiker ridge 2011-02-13 8.6 km5.3 mi 6h:49m 74 photos


A magical hike with absolutely everything! 

Three Firs - Diagonal Circuit 2011-01-23 8.9 km5.5 mi 4h:00m 21 photos

DSC_0009.JPG Map

Three Rocky Peaks 2010-11-14 3.9 km2.4 mi 3h:42m 38 photos

View of Orange Kloof. Heading towards peak number one. .... but there is a path :-) The start of the hike - not so obvious! Map

A really fun hike with lots of interesting scrambles.

Lions Head - always a pleasure!! 2010-09-12 4.8 km3 mi 2h:32m 13 photos


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