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Beyond the Concordance Model workshop hike 2010-08-29 8.2 km5.1 mi 5h:43m 39 photos


This was possibly the largest concentration of Gravity researchers ever to climb Table Mountain.

Sevilla Rock Art Ramble 2010-08-01 2.9 km1.8 mi 2h:11m 37 photos


A marvelous journey through ancient history, this short hike through the vast, tumbled rockscapes and strange formations sculpted by the winds of time is a wonderful reminder to those of us who live in the city to get out more and  explore the cultural and ecological richness of this beautiful land.

Little Lion's Head 2010-07-18 2.1 km1.3 mi 1h:00m 22 photos


A short but very enjoyable scramble to the top with magnificent views.

Klein Tuin Kop loop 2010-07-11 8.9 km5.5 mi 4h:35m 32 photos


Three Firs 2010-07-04 5.7 km3.6 mi 3h:31m


To the top of Table Mountain 2009-11-22 4.4 km2.8 mi 2h:58m 10 photos

UN of Table Mountain Map

A multinational assent of Cape Town's finest.

Above Kalk Bay 2009-10-18 4.2 km2.6 mi 2h:19m 6 photos


A fantastic walk to do in Spring. Wild flowers are very abundant.

Blind Gully 2009-09-20 6.8 km4.3 mi 5h:55m 19 photos

Heading up Diagonal path. Map

Check out the route description at http://tabletopadventures.wordpress.

Caveman's Overhang 2009-08-21 9 km5.6 mi 4h:27m 13 photos


A relatively unknown hike near the dams with fabulous caves, forests and overhangs.

Lion's Head in Spring 2009-08-15 4.4 km2.7 mi 2h:06m 7 photos

The Top Table Mountain and Devil's Peak Signal Hill Camp's Bay Map

Wonderful spring flowers and views. Never fails to impress.

Muizenberg Peak 2009-08-08 5.7 km3.6 mi 2h:35m 12 photos


Hiking on this side of the mountain is always great in Spring. Loads of spring flowers and always a chance of spotting black eagles riding the thermals.

Porcupine ravine 2009-07-25 6.3 km3.9 mi 4h:22m 12 photos


A great hike on the Camp's Bay side of the mountain with fantastic views over the Atlantic.

Worther See 2009-06-28 22.1 km13.7 mi 2h:35m 7 photos



Constantiaberg and Elephant Eye cave. 2009-04-26 9.5 km5.9 mi 3h:54m 13 photos


Easter Morning...... 2009-04-03 4.7 km2.9 mi 2h:36m


Lion\'s head was packed!! No doubt, people wanted to get some exercise in before Sunday lunch! 

Chappies 2009-03-29 5.2 km3.2 mi 4h:31m 14 photos


Leaving Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve 2009-03-28 28.1 km17.5 mi 1h:16m 4 photos

Impala crossing the road, near the gate. Nayla To charge or to snack?  That is the question.... I think I'll snack! A white Rhino snacking.... Map

All good things come to an end......

Early morning game drive, Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve 2009-03-27 54 km33.6 mi 3h:08m 11 photos

The bush was in magnificent condition! Ciara checking out the Zebra. Zebra posing on the road! Impala Map

It was tough getting up at 5 am and we had to wait a long time before spotting animals....

Night game drive, Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Reserve 2009-03-27 36.7 km22.8 mi 3h:15m 14 photos

Five elephants just appeared out of the bush! At last.... Elephants! A female Nayla Heading out on the game drive.... Map

With the sun setting, we set out in search of the big cats.....


It was great to finally get into the bush after a long drive up from Durban....

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