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Sailing Indian Lake 2010-08-25 20.9 km13 mi 4h:00m 1 photo

IMG_1734.jpg Map

A perfect day for sailing 10 mph winds, clear skies, 80 F.

Salamonie Lake Kayak 2010-08-18 13.8 km8.6 mi 2h:50m 13 photos

Salamonie Lake - 06 Salamonie Lake - 05 Salamonie Lake - 04 Salamonie Lake - 10 Map

While in Marion for seminary classes, I went for a 3 hour solo paddle to explore the upper backwaters of Salamonie Lake and the lower section of the river.  It was a beautiful night with calm clear skies.  The water is not clear, but it seems pretty clean.  It doesn't smell bad at all, and I saw very little man made pollution.

Snowshoeing Highland Recreation Area 2010-03-01 4.3 km2.7 mi 2h:07m 1 photo

Mike Fishing For The Lost Snow Basket Map

Mike Kaza and I had a great time stomping through the snow.  At one point, he made an offering to the lake.  He stuck his trekking pole through an old ice fishing hole, but when he brought it back out, the snow basket was gone.  He tried to retrieve it but was unable to.  The water sure was refreshing, though.

Kensington Snow Shoeing 2010-02-23 6.2 km3.8 mi 2h:52m


The first time on snow shoes for both Mike Bogues and myself.

Shiawassee State Game Hike 01-18-2010 2010-01-18 7.6 km4.7 mi 2h:21m 15 photos

Giant Beaver Lodge.jpg Shiawassee Wildlife Area 9.jpg Shiawassee Panoramic Small.jpg Bridge.jpg Map

Mike Kaza and I walked the dikes on a cloudy winter day.  We decided to cut back across the marsh, the Shiawassee River, and some flooded timber.  It turned out to be a difficult hike in parts because the marsh grass was supporting a thin layer of ice.  We broke through many times but managed to stay dry.

Rentschler Forest Preserve 12-31-09 2009-12-31 9.6 km6 mi 2h:17m 20 photos

photo3.jpg photo2.jpg photo1.jpg photo13.jpg Map

Argentine nature preserve 2009-11-14 1.1 km0.7 mi 0h:35m 2 photos

Argentine-nature-preserve_1.jpg Argentine-nature-preserve_0.jpg Map

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