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Tawawa Park With Tom Looker 2011-08-29 5.5 km3.4 mi 1h:32m


Crow Wing and Mississippi River Trip 2011-08-05 6.9 km4.3 mi 1h:43m 12 photos

Bethany and Emily.jpg Eagle.jpg Getting Started.jpg The Whole Gang.jpg Map

Paddled 3.8 miles down the Crow Wing River and .5 miles up the Mississippi River.   We had a great time with the Gielows.

7.5 Milw Loop 2011-07-01 12.2 km7.6 mi 0h:29m


Canoeing Lake Loramie 2011-06-14 4.3 km2.7 mi 1h:16m 3 photos

Canoeing3.jpg Canoeing2.jpg Canoeing1.jpg Map

Had a nice paddle with my 9 year old daughter and 11 year old son on a beautiful summer night.

Jen's 15 Mile Downwind Ride 2011-06-01 24.3 km15.1 mi 1h:20m


Jen, Callum, and Katie had a great ride in a stiff West wind.  They gained 150 ft. from New Knoxville to the ridge on the East side of I-75.   They ended at the Gross Samuel Memorial Woods State Nature Preserve.

Zuma Loop 2011-05-31 18 km11.2 mi 2h:08m


We road west along the Franklin Twnp Greenway to Zuma Park for lunch.  We looped back via Guadalupe Rd. for a change of scenery.

10.5 Mile Figure 8 40 Acre Pond North 2011-05-27 16.8 km10.4 mi 1h:34m


The five us us plus one 5-year-old cousin had a nice ride in the country.  We took a slight side trip along the canal so that 5-year-old could check out the quarry and the big trucks.

Hike With Callum 2011-05-21 3.6 km2.3 mi 1h:24m


7.5 Mile Ride 2011-05-18 12 km7.5 mi 0h:45m


With the fam

13 Mile ride with Nathaniel 2011-05-14 21 km13.1 mi 1h:16m


Tawawa Park Ride 05-11-2011 2011-05-11 6.3 km3.9 mi 0h:55m 5 photos

Tawawa Park - 06.jpg Tawawa Park - 03.jpg Tawawa Park - 02.jpg Tawawa Park - 10.jpg Map

Road with the kids out to the damn and waded in the Tawawa creek on a hot muggy early Summer night.

Celina Coldwater Trail 2011-05-08 15 km9.3 mi 1h:05m


Mother's Day family ride

Water available at the Goldwater terminus by not the Celina terminus

4.2 Mile Bike Ride 2011-05-06 6.8 km4.2 mi 0h:17m


Super Windy Bike Ride 2011-04-26 25.7 km16 mi 1h:38m


Set out for a 16 mile bike ride today.   Turns out 40 mph winds cause a little bit of a problem.   I spent about 3.5 miles in 1st and 2nd gear on flat ground!  I was blown into the ditch 3 times!  At one point, I was heading down a slight hill.

GC With Nathaniel 40 Acre Pond South 2011-04-02 6.1 km3.8 mi 1h:51m 7 photos

IMG_20110402_164130.jpg IMG_20110402_164112.jpg IMG_20110402_142825.jpg IMG_20110402_142805.jpg Map

40 Acre Pond 2011-03-27 8.9 km5.5 mi 2h:19m


A leisurely stroll and geocaching hunt along 40 Acre Pond of the Miami Erie Canal.

Bike Ride from Bloody Bridge To Memorial Bridge 2010-10-11 11.6 km7.2 mi 1h:50m 3 photos

Canal Ride With Hites2.jpg Canal Ride With Hites1.jpg Canal Ride With Hites3.jpg Map

The five of us and two and a half Hites rode along the Miami Erie Canal from Bloody Bridge to Memorial Bridge in downtown St. Marys.  It was a beautiful night and we had a great time.

Miami Erie Canal Trail 6-Mile Aquaduct to St. Marys 2010-10-01 12.6 km7.8 mi 3h:14m 20 photos

Beauty and the Beast Suddenly Hard-pack Bloody Bridge - 02 6 Mile Aquaduct - 01 Map

Oak Openings Hike 2010-09-22 10.9 km6.8 mi 3h:21m 10 photos

IMG_20100922_111859.jpg IMG_20100922_111819.jpg IMG_20100922_111018.jpg IMG_20100922_110750.jpg Map

Went for a hike with my good friend, Mike.

Miami Erie Canal Trail St. Marys to 219 2010-09-20 7.2 km4.5 mi 2h:49m 13 photos

IMG_1906.jpg IMG_1904.jpg IMG_1887.JPG IMG_1331.JPG Map

This is a very easy, level walk along the old tow path for the Miami Erie Canal.  This section is part of the Miami Erie Canal trail, The Buckeye Trail, and the North Country Trail.

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Total duration 3 days 15h:13m
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