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Saffron Walden and Chissall Road 2012-03-11 85.2 km52.9 mi 2h:08m


About the first warm sunny Sunday and a lovely route.

Hertfordshire and Essex ride 2012-03-03 123.8 km76.9 mi 2h:34m


A nice route down toward Hertford through Newton and Braughing but turning left toward Bishops Stortford then up through Newport (Essex). Sunny then colder.

To Balderston's Motorad Peterborough via Chatteris 2012-01-28 81.4 km50.6 mi 1h:26m


The back way to Peterborough to Balderston's BMW

Streatham and the villages south 2012-01-02 43.4 km27 mi 1h:55m


Just a hurried post Christmas ride, unexceptional and rather rusty riding, the back wheel slipping once or twice on braking

Loooking for the vanishing point not the obstruction 2011-12-11 58.6 km36.4 mi 1h:22m


Having read a brochure about advanced riding, I'm focussing on where I am looking. When approaching a corner instead of fixating on the curb, road, or ditch that defines the corner, I'm trying to note a point on the road where I plan to tip the bike to turn but then quickly to focus on the road's vanishing point and look towards that.

Cambridge to Long Melford and back 2011-12-03 117.5 km73 mi 2h:27m


Its a lovely twisty route and Long Melford is such a pretty town. There was a Punch and Judy stall, bagpipe players and public exercisers. On the way back I seemed to take a wrong turn and ended up on the Duddery. What an odd name. The weather was really good though dark by the time I was ridingback through Newmarket.

Balsham via Lime Kiln lane 2011-11-26 57.9 km35.9 mi 1h:13m


A quick blast, mainly to test out my Contour GPS camera which worked well though the GPS position is slightly out from what we're viewing in the video. At least it records the speed I am taking corners to look for improvement.

Sunny morning ride to Saffron Walden 2011-11-18 68.4 km42.5 mi 2h:25m


Another observed ride, starting out from Tesco Fulbourn, over Wandlebury then down to Saffron Walden and back via Six Mile Bottom. Some nice twisty bits on the way back particularly.

Bottisham and the Wilbrahams (30 miles) 2011-11-12 47.1 km29.3 mi 1h:45m 4 photos

Setting out Back home a little later Stopping for food Map

Thity miles around Cambridge with a few interesting corners and experimenting with geotagged photos.

35 miles via Landbeach, Stretham and Upware 2011-11-05 58 km36.1 mi 1h:13m


Heading north on the A10, taking an interesting loop through Landbeach only to find myself back on the A10, then a right at Stretham, then another right to go through bumpy singe track roads through Upware where you can stand up on the bike, then back through the Swaffams. Not bad apart from A10. About 35 Miles.

Twisty route round Cambridge 2011-10-29 56.8 km35.3 mi 1h:21m


One of many routes I been exploring to practice for IAM motorcycling test.

Riding through Fulbourne and Balsham 2011-10-01 79.6 km49.5 mi 1h:29m


Another menat to be twisty ride with lots of straight road. There are a few tricky corners.

The back roads to Ipswich 2011-09-11 92.3 km57.4 mi 1h:49m 1 photo

Bertha at home Map

I used to think it fun to blast over on the A14 to visit my friend in Ipswich, however all that has changed and I've managed to plan and ride on a route over there on much twistier more enjoyable roads. Its highly recommended for anyone who enjoys riding a motorbike.

the 'back' way to Ipswich and a route around Cambridge 2011-09-11 149.3 km92.8 mi 3h:00m


Everytrail has combined two trips (i'm just working out how this imports from Garmin). One is a lovely route over to Ipswich avoiding the A14 entirely and the other is a 35 mile round trip from home around some local villages, with some twisty roads as well as some straight ones.

Station to home 2009-11-20 1.2 km0.7 mi 0h:15m


This is me trying out EveryTrail which might be useful sometimes. What better occasion than my daily cayak from Cambridge rail station to my home. The graph shows that I reached over 12 mph on one occasion.

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