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Reyes Cr to Fish Bowls - Round Trip 2015-03-21 50.8 km31.5 mi 18h:54m


This is a round trip hike from the Reyes Creek trail head to the Fish Bowls campsite in the Los Padres National Forest. Tom Harrison map says 32 miles, but my GPS clocked it at 33.91 miles.  Took us 19 hours with breaks.

White Mountain, Inyo NF 2014-08-01 24.6 km15.3 mi 9h:39m 67 photos

IMG_2951.JPG IMG_2948.JPG IMG_2961.JPG IMG_2947.JPG Map

White Mountain, Bishop, CA 2014-08-01 12.4 km7.7 mi 3h:42m 33 photos

photo4.jpg photo3.jpg Trail starts past the gate. Woke up to the sunrise at 6:00 am. Map

Ka'anapali to Kapalua via Little Honoapilani 2014-07-17 21.2 km13.2 mi 3h:58m 33 photos

photo31.jpg photo2.jpg photo1.jpg photo1.jpg Map

Woodcock Mtn 2014-06-27 9.7 km6 mi 4h:12m 13 photos

photo5.jpg photo4.jpg photo2.jpg photo1.jpg Map

Mt Baldy from Manker Flats 2014-06-14 15.8 km9.8 mi 6h:29m


Rocky Pk - Las Llejas Loop 2014-05-23 19.8 km12.3 mi 5h:13m


ROV - Mentryville to Rocky Pk 2013-12-20 21.7 km13.5 mi 8h:05m 51 photos

P1020106.JPG Pico Well #4 P1020103.JPG School House Map

PCT Section E - 23 miles near Tehachapi 2013-10-25 37 km23 mi 9h:15m 21 photos

photo4.jpg Windmills in the the dawn. Selfy Cottonwood Creek Marker Map

Mt Baldy via Bear Flat 2013-08-31 19.9 km12.3 mi 8h:26m 14 photos

photo2.jpg photo13.jpg photo12.jpg photo1.jpg Map

Monrovia Canyon Falls 2013-04-07 3.2 km2 mi 1h:22m 19 photos

P1000935.JPG P1000933.JPG P1000932.JPG P1000930.JPG Map

Panamint City & Sentinel Peak 2013-03-23 31.2 km19.4 mi 16h:44m 112 photos

P1000809.JPG P1000808.JPG P1000807.JPG P1000806.JPG Map

This was a 2 night backpacking trip to Sentinel Peak up Surprise Canyon with two nights in Panamint City, Death Valley National Park.

GoPro Test1 - Rocky Peak Fire Rd 2012-12-28 7.6 km4.7 mi 1h:56m 29 photos


This was a test of my GoPro Hero2 to see how the non-geocoded time-lapse photos registered with my Everytrail track.  Once uploaded, it took me a few attempts to place the photos.  The problem was that I couldn't tell which end point was the beginning and which was the end.  The result was that all of my photos kept clustering in one location.

Mt Baldy from Manker Flats 2012-08-19 16 km10 mi 6h:23m 20 photos

The Bowl Shawn and Brandon Sierra Club Ski Hut Sierra Ski Hut Trail Map

Indian Springs to Rocky Pk Loop 2012-08-16 5.4 km3.4 mi 0h:00m


ROV - Cahuenga to Brand Park 2012-08-16 8.9 km5.5 mi 0h:00m


Verdugo Ridge 2012-08-16 14.1 km8.8 mi 0h:00m


Lukens from Angeles Crest Hwy 2012-08-16 6 km3.7 mi 0h:00m


Mt Lukens from Big Tujunga to Sunland 2012-08-16 9 km5.6 mi 0h:00m


Iron Mtn-Condor Pk-Fox 2012-08-16 15.8 km9.8 mi 0h:00m


Statistics Charts

Joe McDougall Joe McDougall
Trips 49
Photos 899
Total distance 876 km544 mi
Max distance 124 km77 mi
Avg distance 18 km11 mi
Total duration 10 days 10h:11m
Max duration 19h:36m
Avg duration 5h:06m

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