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Lake Winnemucca and Round Top Lake 2013-07-13 6.7 km4.2 mi 3h:26m 4 photos

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Carson Pass to Lake Winnemucca and Round Top Lake. Wildflowers were blooming but I liked last week's hike at Meiss Meadows, on the other side of highway 88, a lot better.  Looks like my GPS lost signal in a few spots.  The total distance was just over 7 miles.

Showers Lake - Meiss Meadows 2013-07-04 16.7 km10.4 mi 8h:17m 29 photos

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We did this hike in July 4th, 2013 and went to Lake Tahoe for fireworks afterwards. Absolutely beautiful weather and terrain. So many wildflowers on the trails. One of the most beautiful hikes I've ever done.

Matt Davis and Steep Ravine Trails 2013-04-13 11.6 km7.2 mi 4h:27m


Stumpy Meadows Paddle 2013-03-30 0.7 km0.4 mi 0h:21m


Dardanelles Lake - Fall Colors 2012-10-20 12.3 km7.7 mi 3h:54m 52 photos

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Fall Colors. Dardanelle's Lake hike.

From Highway 50, the parking lot is on the left. The trail then cross 89 and goes on.

Cool Pumpkin Patch Corn Maze 2012-10-13 3.5 km2.1 mi 1h:16m


Stebbins Cold Canyon 2012-08-18 7.4 km4.6 mi 3h:22m 19 photos

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Bear River Reservoir Hike 2012-07-20 9.1 km5.6 mi 3h:15m 22 photos

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Shriner Lake 2012-06-08 8.1 km5 mi 2h:05m


Eagle Falls 2012-05-12 16.5 km10.3 mi 5h:12m 4 photos

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