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Smokies Backpack Trip - 3 Day Loop from Tremont Area 2014-10-16 29.9 km18.6 mi 14h:34m 52 photos


Great 3 day, 25 mile loop starting and ending near The Tremont Institute just inside the park from Townsend TN. We had 11 people, including my Aunt Dixie, cousin Allie & Dave, Tom & Pris, Sandy, Annette, Teresa, and Joel & Kathy.

Statistics Charts

Kenny Girot Kenny Girot
Trips 1
Photos 52
Total distance 30 km19 mi
Max distance 30 km19 mi
Avg distance 30 km19 mi
Total duration 14h:34m
Max duration 14h:34m
Avg duration 14h:34m

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