Smokies Backpack Trip - 3 Day Loop from Tremont Area

Date 2014-10-16
Distance 29.9 km18.6 mi
Duration 14h:34m
Photos 52

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Great 3 day, 25 mile loop starting and ending near The Tremont Institute just inside the park from Townsend TN. We had 11 people, including my Aunt Dixie, cousin Allie & Dave, Tom & Pris, Sandy, Annette, Teresa, and Joel & Kathy. We started at the end of Tremont Rd on Middle Prong Trail, to Lynn Camp Prong Trail, to Miry Ridge Trail, to Jake's Creek Trail, to Meigs Mountain Trail, to Lumber Ridge Trail, and ending at The Tremont Institute. The first day was a 8+ mile, 3700' elevation gain, uphill hike in the rain. The trail was good, but muddy. Previous rains caused high water crossings where we shed our shoes and walked barefoot across several streams. The weather cleared the first night. The second and third day were both about 8 miles each. Day 2 saw many signs of hogs on the trail and a nice view from the top of Dripping Spring Mountain (4760'). We were on trial for about 8 hours each day, making plenty of stops to rest and take in the sights. Water was available at both campsites (# 27, 20). It was an awesome trip!

The straight line on the map is a result of my GPS not getting a signal between those two points. The actual trail generally followed Lynn Camp Prong which you can see if you zoom in.