Chapada Diamantina

Date 2010-05-16
Distance 77.6 km48.2 mi
Duration 1 day 16h:01m
Photos 43

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We walked 6 days with a bit of driving in between.It begins with a day of hike up to the "Cachoeira da Fumaça", 12Km round trip, really nice.Then the next day we started a longer walk which took us 5 days. It began on Vale do Capão on the west side of the park and ended in a town called Andarai, on the east side.On the way we walked through Gerais do Vieira, we visited Cachoeirão from the top, we swam in Funil and other pools, we climbed up a mount called Castelo (hardest day) and finally finished in Andarai.After Andarai we drove all the way north to climb "Morro do Pai Inacio". This is a 15~20 min walk (one way) to the top where from you can enjoy a nice view from the park. There is a lot more to see in this area. We will probably go back to visit other sites  

We hired the company to arrange the trip. All backpacks are carried by a mule. There is no camping on this hike as you sleep and eat in the houses of locals which live inside the National Park. The lodging is very basic, but it is a thousand times better then a tent. The food was excellent, breakfast and dinner, farm style. On the trail the guide provided sandwiches, nuts, fruits, juice etc. So all you have to do is to carry your water, your camera and enjoy the hike through the Chapada Diamantina. Our guide was excellent, his name is Beto. I recommend you ask for him if you speak Portuguese. NOTE: For other trails you may have to camp. For example, if you want to see "Cachoeira da Fumaça" from the bottom it will be a 3-day walk and 2 nights of camping.