Date 2010-11-07
Distance 10.3 km6.4 mi
Duration 4h:34m
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Anhangava means The Devil's House in the indigenous Tupi-Guarani language, this is how the native indians used to call this mount. Today, it is one of the best day-hike near Curitiba. You can drive from Curitiba to the town of Quatro Barras, which is only ~30Km away, and from there all you have to do is to follow the signs to the beginning of the trail. It is all really well signed and easy to follow. At the beginning of the trail you have to register with the IAP check-point. Nothing have to be paid and you don't need a guide . You have to do the same when ou leave the trail, let them know that you're back and that you're heading home, otherwise they will notify your family that you're lost in the woods and go out on a search for you and that would be a shame.Up there there is more than just a nice view, there are climb routes and quite a good amount of climbers, so it is also a nice place to meet people with interest in climbing and mountaineering