Date 2011-11-20
Distance 9.6 km6 mi
Duration 4h:06m
Photos 19

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On 11-20-11 Tom, Jim and I set out to cross from Mentryville (near Stevensons Ranch in Pico Canyon) to Santa Susana Pass (Chatsworth) in the Santa Susana Mountains; a 14 mile route with a few cross-country ridge segments.  Poor visibility in a heavily vegetated cross-country segment forced a turn-around after 5 miles.  Our route was just shy of 10 miles (only part of my GPS track uploaded).  The trail follows the road, until the road ended.  However, bad weather and very steep canyon walls threw off my GPS track.  You can see the shift on the map.All-in-all, an enjoyable wet slog through the bushes.  Have to go back in the future, when it is dry, to work on the route.